Nothing for sale in ammo vending machine?

Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, but every ammo vending machine has the item of the day and ammo for sale but that’s it. There’s no grenades or oz kits for sale for some reason. Any ideas?

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I’ll confirm this. The ammo vending machine should have Grenade Mods and Oz Kits for sale, but all it has is ammo, grenades, and the item of the day. I’ve seen this on both a Level 35 Athena who is in TVHM, and a brand new Baroness.

Nothing on this at all? The two of us can’t be the only ones with this issue.

strange…because for me it happened once…then never again…so hopefully for you it works itself out

I stopped playing for a few days, then went back. So other than those few days, I’ve been playing since release. At no point have the ammo vendors ever had anything other than ammo, grenade refills, and the item of the day. If it makes any difference, I preordered, paid for, and downloaded the Handsome Collection on my console; I don’t own a physical copy of the Handsome Collection. Also, when I paid, my system downloaded BL2 and TPS separately; I don’t have anything on my HDD identified as the Handsome Collection. I mention all of this because the fact that you’re not having the same problem means it’s not universal. Something about the way I purchased and downloaded the game may be screwing things up. Also, I have been playing TPS exclusively; I haven’t fired up BL2 at all, so I don’t know if it is having the same problem.

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Installing from a retail disc also only installs BL2 and TPS as seperate items. There is no install for The Handsome Collection as a whole.

Also, I myself have had the same issue with ammo vending machines in both games. Only ammo/grenades sold, no grenade mods.

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I can confirm this in BL2, in July.

I have this problem too, is there a way to fix this?

i have same issue and its driving me nuts! it was working fine and then after i connected to another person to play co-op, it hasnt had mods in ammo dump machines since…even when i play solo.

Still looking for anyone with this problem or if anyone can help with this from BLC support. Ammo Dump Machines not allowing me to buy grenade mods.

None of them at all? In which game? In which mode?

Note that the contents of specific machines vary depending on where they are physically located and the level you would be the first time you visited that location on your first play-through. This is also tied to the game’s minimum level requirement for different gear types. As an example, Launchers don’t unlock until level 11 but you reach Sanctuary at level 8. At that point in the game, you won’t fund launcher ammo in the vending machines. Some of the vending machines update when the map level updates, but not all maps level up in NVHM, and some only level up in TVHM once you complete the main story.

Ok, that’s more than odd, it’s down-right suspicious. Do you have other character saves that you didn’t use to play with that person? Are they also affected?

Official support is this way:

All the ammo machines, borderlands2, all DLCs, so far only in Normal…havent gotten to TVHM on xbox yet.
All characters were working fine until that point (could be a coincidence), but now all characters and all new characters are affected.

Did the person you were playing with drop or trade any gear for you? Anything odd about your cash balance, eridium, BAR stats, … ?

Nothing unusual at all during play except I dropped some guns for other player (fastball and herald) and then I left game.
I guess one odd thing is I did enter a shift code for keys and somehow received 70+ keys.

OK I finally got back into BL2 and had a poke around. It was early TVHM, from Captain Flynt to arriving at the Bloodshot Stronghold.

All the ammo machines checked on the related maps had only the item of the day grenade mod in them. Zed’s had shields and class mods. I haven’t had a chance to load up a higher level save and see what happens at end-game or UVHM.