"Nothing Is Never An Option" Bugged

While playing split screen co-op with a friend, leveling our Aurelias in Normal, we got to the part in the mission Nothing Is Never An Option when Boomer shows up to fight, and as soon as he did we obliterated him in a few seconds. But for some reason it didn’t give us credit for the kill, and Boomer won’t respawn even after restarting the game. I can only imagine that it’s because Boomer was still really far away from us when he died. I guess nothing really is an option because that’s all we’re getting out of it. Anyone else encounter this issue and possibly found a way to fix it?

I had that issue.
Check this thread: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=395441

I probly should of mentioned it in my original post but I’m on the xb360, so unfortunately I can’t make use of that, but at least I have confirmation as to why the bug occurred. Guess I’ll have to go easy on Boomer from now on.

I had that happen one time as well. I said **** it and moved on, you can skip a few missions and not fall too far off level progress.

That’s beside the point though is it not?

Yes and no. It kinda sucks, especially if you were doing the side quest for the XP, but it isn’t progress-breaking. Hopefully the devs will be able to patch it so that killing Boomer before his dialogue triggers doesn’t break things. There seem to be a few places where you really have to wait for the dialogue to complete before you start blazing, which is awkward when you’ve heard it all more than 6 times!

It also happens with Moreen. If you go where she spawns too soon, she won’t be there. But she respawns, so no issues with her. Boomer though, yeah. We’re gonna need a fix for that.

Nope. If one is “leveling our Aurelias in Normal” knowing you can skip a few missions without falling off level progressions (ESP if you have any of the arenas) seems very relevant to the choice of find a way to fix it or **** it.

Saying “screw it” to the mission is exactly what we’re doing. We’re already over-leveled as it is so it’s not really a big deal, just don’t like having incomplete missions. At least it’s just NVHM, won’t have to see it stuck in the quest log once we make it into the following difficulties.

I know what you mean. It happened to me with Nisha and every time I went to the quest screen I was like “AHHHHHHHH I hate you”. It ended up being the only quest I didn’t complete taht playthrough.

This occurred in some missions in BL2 before they debugged. You should get it if another person (or character) hosts the mission from the beginning.

Kill Meg quest has the same bug… for some reason they didn’t allow the code to check if (killed) until after a certain amount of time has passed. pretty dumb

took me forever to figure out the Meg bug till it was like Ohhhh… kill Meg SLOWLY…

I think you’re supposed to wait for the dialogue to finish and the timer to start counting down, but it takes sooooooo loooooonnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!

I’m glad I’ve never run into that. I have yet to see the timer start on that quest.