Nothing is Never an Option - except when Boomer gets stuck

I’ve seen a number of folks saying they got stuck on this mission. After multiple characters, it finally happened to me too.

The mission status says “Survive scav attacks 2/3” and “Kill Boomer”.
However, Boomer is glitched out just off the edge of the map and out of reach. You can hear the jet fighter sound effects, and an occasional muffled shout from Boomer, but he is well and truly stuck.

If you stand right beside the O2 generator and look at the cliffs to your right, in the direction of Helios, there’s some sort of structure high up on the cliff; Boomer is currently stuck on the other side of that cliff, and is apparently trying to fly through it. Needless to say, it’s not working…

Bad news for me is that I don’t have any homing grenades (and I’m not sure they would last long enough to reach that far.) There is no way to get high enough to see over the cliffs (can’t even get up to them), so that’s that. I’ll try again after a quit/restart, but right now there are other things I need to finish off.

Edit: So, save/restart reset the counter to 0/3 waves, and I managed to get through it. That’s a little different to some of the other glitches described for this mission, but they’re possibly related? Obviously some odd things going on with the enemy spawns and the map boundaries.

Also, it sucks that moonstones and loot get dropped into the great abyss - too many scavs killed on the edge of the cliff :frowning: