Nothing loads after "Start" splash scren after OS change

I have just migrated from a Vista 32 bit OS to a Win 7 pro 64 bit machine running a GTX5700C video card.
Now BL2 does not progress past the Start menu.
Any suggestions welcomed.

Try installing latest physx drivers…better yet update your gpu drivers while you are at it. Also verify integrity of game cache in steam. I like to tweak with my game right now ( BL2 has a physx issue) and im trying to find a fix so sometimes i will mess up my installation.

If nothing works, delete everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32
You should also delete all the files in C:\Users\Forkinator\Documents\My Games\borderlands 2\willowgame\Config and have the game make you new ones. Do these last 2 things first, and then verify integrity of game cache and then try to start up the game.

Thanks for the detailed advice. Unfortunatey, after doing all you advised, I am still at square 2.
Would re-installing BL2 help? If so would I lose all my saved status, and have to start playing from scratch?

i have the exact same problem. with ALL borderlands games (BL1, BL2, BL tPS)… none of them will get somewhere after pressing play in the launcher. reinstall didn’t help. even tried reinstalling to different HDD/SSD. also tried everything from steam support (updating every bit of software etc.). also tried running as administrator or in compatibility mode. verified my game cache about 300 times and that is not even a lie!

i have a total of 800h with these games on my current pc. why doesn’t any of them work anymore?

i also tried starting them without steam from the .exe in the game directory… here a possible error shows: 0xc000007b (32/64 bit compatibility error) sadly none of the solutions i googled worked. and before u ask: i uninstalled rebooted reinstalled rebooted etc. all of the c++ .net framework and what not.

my system: windows 8.1 intel x5675 CPU 12 GB RAM GTX1080 GPU (driver version 382.53)