Nothing saves at all

So first of all, I got the game for the first time on steam this weekend. While playing with a friend a few hours we got to Sanctuary and did a few missions we both exited the game . The next time that I launched the game I had to start from zero again because my character was not saved at all, not even my graphic were saved. So I tried again with a new char and lo and behold it’s not there when i open the game again. I uninstalled the game and tried installing it on a different drive and it still didnt work. I checked the folder where my saved data should be (WillowGame>SaveData>the long ass number) but it is completely empty. I also tried to see if there would be any data in the folder if i created a new char and saved but didnt leave the game and still didnt see anything in the folder. I read online that it might be something to do with cloud saves but I unchecked the box and still have that problem. One last thing, when I used Steam to verify the integrity of my game files I got the message that “one file failed to validate and would be reacquired” but i have yet to see it be reacquired. I don’t have any idea what else I could try so any bit of help would be appreciated.


I always get a single file that needs to be reacquired when I verify, so don’t worry about that.

Here is a fresh discussion on the Steam forums. It sounds like Windows Defender (which I don’t use) might be the culprit.

Trying to create a new file in that folder might give an error message that will point to a permissions problem.

Also, I would re-enble cloud saves, because they are a useful backup. After you fix the folder problem, that save when you got to Sanctuary may still be on the cloud.


I’ve also had issues with Win Defender. I couldn’t host a co-op game with it running - so I can imagine other issues. Disabled now naturally.

Thanks for linking to that thread. Unfortunately, neither of those fixed the problem.I was able to create a text file in the [long ass number] folder without any error and disabling Windows Defender didnt do the trick.

I don’t know if this might be useful to know but on the first time I noticed that my game wasn’t saving I checked the SaveData folder and I did have 2 files there. So I tried opening the game again but I still couldnt load my progress. After that I reinstalled the game in a different drive and ever since I havent seen any files in the folder. Even tried reinstalling on the same drive and nada. Could it be that the game can’t find the path to save the game?

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Yes, that Steam Forum thread didn’t actually sound like they were able to fix the problem, but they wer still trying last time I looked.

Are you running Windows 10, and if so, which version? I’m using Win8.1, so there may be some differences there. Also, Windows 10 has been sending out some less than well tested patches trying to deal with the Meltdown/Spectre problems.

My saves are in:

C:\Users\rja\Documents\My Games\borderlands 2\willowgame\savedata\steamidnum\

Check to make sure you are looking in the same place (with your userid instead of rja).

If that is the same directory that you were able to create a text file in, and it does not contain a “profile.bin”, then yes my best guess is that the game can’t find that path.

If that is the case, then escalate this to the professionals and open a support ticket at:

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Yeah, same directory. Oh well, thanks for the help in any case. I’ll update the thread if anything works in case someone has the same issue.

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Ok so my issue got fixed. All I had to do was disable BitDefender lmao. I want to give a shout out to Jobrane helping me out in the Software Support. Can’t believe that it was as simple as that.


Haven’t heard of anyone who has had problems with Windows10 / Defender and Gearbox games including this one. Haven’t experienced any problems with Win10 and any computer games since installing it two years ago. I gather there have been people who’ve reported problems. For me, aside from putting up with the usual negative propaganda people enjoy throwing at MSFT for sport, Win10’s been one of Redmond’s three best along with 98SE and 7. I wish I could say the same about Steam’s Cloud Save program which has never saved any of my games in a manner I could access and download - have been hoping GBX offers this service for the new BL in development. Happy gaming (y)