Nothing to spend currency on - leaf out of Torchlight 2's book?

In Torchlight 2, you could encounter various enchanters who could apply bonuses to your gear. You could have up to three (some enchanters could apply a fourth), each one more ridiculously expensive than the last. They could also disenchant for a huge fee. These enchanters didn’t have a set location, they could randomly show up in various places. (The hub areas did have crappy enchanters, but that’s beside the point.) After using their services, they’d slink away.

So what does this have to do with Borderlands 3? Anointments and money/eridium sinks! What if there were wandering “anointers” who you could encounter on the planets, and for an exorbitant amount of eridium, they could apply a random anointment to your gear? It’s up for debate if it would be a good idea to:

  • Also allow removing anointments
  • Have rare “master anointers” who offer you 2-3 random anointments to choose one from.

(Obviously, only one anointment allowed on a gun. Although if anointments were weaker, but 2-3 were allowed…)
There could also be wandering gunsmiths who take huge amounts of money to switch out one weapon part. This would only be allowed once per gun.

Now, I know what Gearbox’s design philosophy is. They want the player to be constantly looking for cool new stuff, and they want to encourage trying the new stuff out, rather than perfecting a handful of items and using only those. But the fee for these merchants could be made high enough that it would only really come into play at endgame, at a point when players have in fact tried out all the cool stuff and have settled on their favorites. Also, since the anointers wander the planets, it would encourage players to go out into the borderlands to look for them, instead of hunching over a crafting table.

PS: While we’re on the subject of Torchlight 2 and money sinks: that game had a pet who could collect vendor fodder and sell it off for us. I suggest the eridian fabricator getting its own hotkey and an altfire mode where it picks up a weapon off the ground gravity gun style, and pressing secondary use instantly turns it into dollars.
Does carrying vendor trash back to town have a long and storied RPG tradition? Yes. Did everybody love it when Torchlight treated it as an unpleasant chore and finally dispensed with it? Also yes.


I’d extend the idea to COMs and Artifacts, as well. In the past games, I’ve always enjoyed farming every COM, but BL3 gives you a lot of options and honestly, it’s overwhelming. It’d just involve changing a single part (skill point configuration, stats, artifact prefixes…).

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Yup! Everyone hates that ■■■■ :smile: Torchlight had a cool solution to this

Great idea

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I know thread necro is frowned upon, but this thread was just that far ahead if it’s time.

This would be a MASSIVE improvement to BL3’s endgame IMO.