Notice to future players: PVP is required

You cannot complete Character Lore challenges in PvE only. There are some that require PvP.

To complete all the challenges in the game you must participate in PVP

And this should be made clear from the beginning.

I don´t really see the problem here. Every new player can read about lore requirements and challenge requirements in his/her command menu and most players aim for PvP anyway. The info is there, and the game was advertised as both, PvP/PvE.

Not everyone cares for the ingame challenges though. As in BL1 & BL2 most of these get solved over time anyway (kill X-times this enemy, play X times as Faction B, ect…)
The lore-challenges are another thing, I find they encourage to join PvP alot. Without them I had never come out of my shell^^


The converse is also true, you cannot complete all of the Lore Challenges without playing PVE. :slight_smile:


There’s also threads about why PvP for lore challenges, please consider PvE at least as equal to PvP, and do PvE before PvP to get comfortable with things (can’t find that thread for some reason…). Are we saying Gearbox isn’t communicating enough to the players that PvP is important? Or is this a sly request for them to make the PvE lore challenges have PvP equivalents, or vice versa? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lore challenges are almost like achievement hunting. Sure you can get legendary gear right by completing lore? But you can also get legendary gear by playing PvE content.

Lore Legendaries are character specific though, and have unique effects that have no equivalent in generic Legendaries.


And a few of them are actually worth using! wink



Thank you. Some of us will not play PVP.
Even if it means not completing lore.
GBX can use all the enticement they want.
Some of us will not get in the windowless white panel van that is PVP.


I never said anyone would have to join PvP or denied the existence of those who don´t care for PvP at all. I just pointed out that the info is open to read for everyone and that many prefer PvP, me not included.

I´m a main PvE-player too and anxious towards mny details regarding PvP. But its fun in private games.


Would really like for lore challenges to have PVE alternatives. Lots of people have already asked for that, but the reply was just to lower the requirements in PVP. In it’s current state, just think the game should be described as a combination of PVP and PVE, not implying that you can complete it one mode or another.

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Is a game like Battleborn ever able to be completed? I don’t really think so. It’s kind of the point. You play to play, not to finish it. Even if you have every character’s Lore complete, every trophy earned, there’s still new content on the way.



Nope, sorry if I was implying that.

I was just thanking you for pointing out that PVP is not required. That the lore challenges are fairly clear to those who read them. I am glad you and many others are enjoying PVP.

It’s just not for all of us nor is it required.


That’s definitely reasonable. Can see how from an achievement/trophy hunting standpoint the way this game is marketed could be a bit confusing, but that’s probably why they added the “Many Ways to Play” section on the home page. Don’t remember that being there before release. Can also understand where @CharacterIV is coming from; maybe adding “to complete all current content” to the thread title would clear up the perspective a bit.

As far as PvE challenges instead of PvP, before this game came out I was 100% with you, but after playing it a bit it’s actually interesting enough to me that I got PS Plus to try out the PvP (first console MP experience in fact). Not everyone’s going to like it, of course, but I think it’s really hard for Gearbox to please everyone. From their perspective (complete speculation on my part of course), the whole point of this game was to branch out into a different genre and challenge themselves because they were getting bored of doing the same old game time after time, and I applaud such an endeavor.

I too appreciate all the work Gearbox has put into this game. I don’t like PVP (translation “I suck at it”) and when I’ve tried to play it, my team members were less than enthusiastic with my playing; I got angry messages. I believe that people who really like PVP would appreciate it if people like me stayed out of their matches.


Yeah…personally I think one of the main reasons new players don’t continue playing this game is how tough getting started in PvP matches is. I’ve read countless posts on reddit and other places how terrible some new players PvP experiences are. A lot of folks just won’t stick with it and tough it out until they get better. Losing is rough in this game.

Honestly don’t mind loosing, actually won one match. Just got the sense that I was ruining the experience for the rest of the team.

If you just tell them your new to pvp, most players wont mind and will be more than happy to give you pointers.

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If they wanna keep their players, they should really get a below rank 15 mm.