Noticing some new skins

For Nisha, I’m seeing four new skins:

The Spirit of Malice
Manufacturers Are Boring
Sadistic in Pink
Trick or Strangle

I’m guessing I’ll see four similar skins for the other classes. I’m also guessing they’re event related; specifically, holiday related. Respectively:

Mercenary Day
Wedding Day (Valentine’s)

I like the looks, personally, but I don’t really know why we got them for free. (I suppose I don’t mind, but this is after getting a lot of other skins I know were supposed to be for certain challenges / quests, and I keep wondering if I’ll lose them later if / when GBX decides to “fix” this.)

Maybe we will also get new heads.This picture has two heads that are not in the game:

All four of those heads aren’t in the game yet. They’re all for the Baroness.

Nope.The front one is the default head and the back one is called “Exceptional”

I think maybe I’m not clear, but I don’t know how to say it more clearly. None of those four heads is in the game, because the Baroness isn’t in the game yet. It doesn’t matter what any of her heads are called.

Meanwhile, I also noticed that the current five characters don’t have skins for all four holidays. For example, Athena only has two - Wedding Day and Halloween. It’s not even a matter of me not finding them “the right way” yet - the overall skin counter was only two higher than it was before.

It’s all very odd to me.

I’m not sure what reality your game comes from but the Baroness has been in the game since the 27th of Jan, so you’ll see her heads and skins drop even if you do not have the DLC.

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Yea she’s been in game for a week now…