Nov 09 Zane bugs (SNTL cryo): Report here

SNTL cryo is not working like it used to. Once you swap weapons you lose the bonus. Is anyone else having this issue?


Yes, I hope it’s a mistake.

Yes, I’ve also notice that all Asa anoint as Stnl only work with weapon in hand when we start action skill

yes, I confirm this on ps4 as well.

Hi there! Can you change the title of this thread to Nov 9 Zane bugs or something along those lines? This way we can collect all the Nov 9 patch bugs for Zane in one place. And let’s tag @noelle_gbx so that she can let the devs know that they broke some things w/ Zane.

So in addition to the SNTL/cryo bug you’ve identified barrier/crit is also broken and it’s broken in 2 ways.

  1. The crit bonus is NEVER applied, period! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  2. Zane loses the accuracy bonus if he swaps weapons.

[Side Note]
I played for hours yesterday w/o realizing that the anoint was broken because the purple tree is so damn good! :grin:


Finally got the skill changes to apply yesterday on Epic. But I notice some serious problems with the new active skill and duct tape mod.

There is a serious game breaking bug with the canon such that if you spam it too much, it becomes unusable whatsoever. Even if you aim it directly at the enemy the skill just would not trigger when you activate it. Crouching sometimes help but not always.

Also, duct tape mod does not always grant you immunity to self damage. I’m not sure how this skill is suppose to work anymore. The patch note says it grants Zane immunity to damage from your own guns and grenades. But I can still kill myself with Soulrender’s ghost. So maybe I misunderstood something or they just didn’t explain this skill at all.

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I haven’t paid for the new content (and won’t until I see what the Directors Cut might be, the currently announced stuff is unimpressive), so this is on just the game patch available to all owners.

I’ve seen the stuff others have posted, and want to add that it feels like something has gone goofy with action skill duration.
I did a proving ground to test out M-11, and my Clone and Drone lasted the entire trial. Skills never de-rezzed, which made the run pretty trivial.
Anyone seeing longer durations?

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I downed myself with a Brightside once, but I’m not sure how. I haven’t been able to repeat it. Maybe I got hit by a status effect, but I don’t recall seeing the effects on the screen.

I also used a lot of grenades and other explosives, and it seems to work. But pools of splash damage and lingering effects still hurt, so I’m learning which grenades and weapons are best for me.

I haven’t encountered the cannon issue yet, but I’m not used to using a spammable action skill so I think below the threshold for the lock.

Distributed Denial + Faulty Star
I’m not sure if this is a new bug or old, but I my Barrier doesn’t seem to copy the Faulty Star ability. I haven’t been able to see it go off unless my shield is hit (melee, elemental pools, occasional shots that seem to still penetrate).

I tried with holding the barrier and leaving it on the ground. So either the shield doesn’t work with barrier, Distributed Denial is broken, or something else is going on.

DD had been broken forever… It only works reliably with boosters and shield break effects… Everything else is garbage for DD… Glad they moved a glitched skill down to tier 3 instead of fixing it to make it an awesome capstone


OH dang, that sucks even more now. I had hope that I could take advantage of it with the new shield. Should have known. So glad they continue to nerf Zane. But hey, at least I can use Tediore weapons now!

EDIT, thanks for the confirmation, at least I can move off from that build now.

Ya, I’ve been hoping they fix DD as it is in theory an amazing capstone that could be so much fun… To bad they can’t make it work in the game

At this point if they don’t fix it, I would take buffed Shield effects added to it (Totally don’t wanna try a melee Zane :grin:).


New skill tree to add build diversity. Then nerf/not fix green tree. Then wreck SNTL cryo to ASA level usability. And just like that we’re back to one usable build. I guess at least it is a different build… If you have the new tree.

I’ll have to watch the clone wreck enemies while I wait for some sort of fix.

The fix is so easy too. The Youtuber Thiccfila found out via testing that the Shield affects come from the little box at the bottom of the shield, however that box goes at the bottom of the floor when Zane carries it. Since its in the floor, it doesnt have line of sight to activate shield effects.
Edit: Forgot to actually say the fix. Gearbox just needs to move the box above ground, preferably either at the top of the shield or around Zanes hip.

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I tried a Facepuncher melee build on Zane. It weren’t pretty. I’d figured the character with the coolest melee weapon would have a decent melee build. Nope.

I meant like actual melee. As in getting more roid than intended from a shield and stabbing with the claws.

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I’m with you, it would be nice if actual melee was an option. Facepuncher is as close as I could get though and it just didn’t work well. That was before Mayhem melee scaling so…

If they made Deterrence Field so it didn’t destroy my eyes by the end of the night, that would be a great combo. You’d stun anything within melee range so you’d have easier kill. Especially if you could get some cryo-damage in there.

Ya SNTL cryo is pretty much worthless now RIP


it is not a little box it is literally your shield and barrier is not meant to be as powerful when carrying as on the ground jessus chrsit yes we get it you want all arounder invulnurable playstyle while running around but maybe just maybe it is too much?

barrier should have advantages when on the ground period. and especially in solo it is not hard to engage a little bit with your kit and actually place it tactically instead of just speedruning content


The Zane Ammo regen anointment bug appears to be back (Xbox, fully updated, hotfixed, SP2 installed). Initially when I equip a regen anointed weapon (with clone deployed) it starts to regen. If I switch weapons at all, the regen won’t come back unless I unequip/re-equip. Can anyone duplicate this, or is it just me?