Nov 2016 - Looking back, why the low player count

What I’m offering here is as someone who is a fan of the game and who is addicted to it.
This is simply my perspective of why people aren’t playing Battleborn.


  1. Currently I have 1,691 hours into this game.
  2. Mostly PvE, 1,392 missions completed.

Since May I’ve played with people from all over the world.
What I’m listing below is not a hate list, it’s simply the things I’ve seen players get frustrated about.

  1. Disconnects.
    Entire teams loosing connection playing PvP is unforgivable, people do not recover well from that.
    Loosing connections in PvE with a full team, overly frustrating as it probably took you an hour to form the team.

  2. Bombs on bombs.
    Most of us got used to this but it is very frustrating to the casual player.
    Bomb runners throw bombs, that’s a bomb coming at you that is also throwing bombs!
    Snipers throw bombs at you. In the Toby dlc, the Engine room, players like Kelvin, wow.

  3. No saved games.
    All of us by now have lost connections at the end of a match, sometimes after Aria dies.
    What a time to loose everything. And with no local save files this is very very aggravating.

  4. No trading.
    This is a major shortcoming even when compared to other Gearbox games.
    Speaking for myself, I currently have 844192 credits. I’d gladly share free loot with friends and new players.
    Any of us playing the new dlc’s have multiple copies of gear we could gift to other players.

  5. Friends not able to join a game in PvE.
    Borderlands 2 has a great system for friends. People know this.
    Everyone has to quit the game in BB if their friend wants in, and all is lost.

…Again, this is not a hate list. It’s simply a voice.


Would also be nice if the game could reliably keep score.

That’s getting fixed in the next major patch. @JoeKGBX confirmed this.

Balance/nerfs have also cost the game players

I just broke 200 completed and thought I had played a lot…

An added grievance to this is that even if you successfully get out of the explosion radius you still suffer the damage. It’s driving me nuts.

Agreed, but a small work around for at least not losing everything is simply suiciding. That way you should at least keep everything you’ve looted so far equipment and credit wise.

100% percent agree. Those damn brutes.

That feeling when you have an objective: “don’t take damage from the boom bots”, but you summon a clone as Deande, and the clone goes to the boom bots and takes damage and your objectives fails. Then you just sit there in disbelief and feel that empty feeling inside. I didn’t take the damage, my skill did, but the game still thought that it was the real Deande.

And yeah, the disconnects are the worst thing that can happen (especially in pve, especially when you are in the room after the boss fight and collecting stuff and … boom, connection lost).

Oh, and you know that full bag of bugs mode called - face off? Yeah, you can kill that rare Devourer and still not get the progression for the title. You can collect 200+ masks and turn them in when the result is 320-50 and you will not get the progression for the title, because the game didn’t register it… and after the match you see that you’ve won the match with the score 320-50 and not 500-50.

I just have one really simple question for the devs. Why the patching needs to be done every ~2-3-4 months and not when the problem is fixed? Why always stack them into a bundle? Why play with peoples emotions?

The game is awesome and it really is one of the most fun I’ve ever played (and I played over ~2-3k games over my life), but the management of it is mediocre at best. Eh.

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There are several reasons for the low player count, most of which have already been mentioned in this and other threads. I just wanted to reply to the stats above and go:
Seriously…how is that even possible? Wowza.

He lives off of his retirement/pension and has a lot of time to game. I’m at 1,417 myself, but I care for my wife, so I also have a lot of time on my hands.

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…Not true!

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