Nov 9 Fix a Disaster

Just waited 10 mins for the latest fix to be downloaded and applied but it has caused chaos.

  1. Currently I am finalising getting the Eridian Symbols. One I hadn’t got was in Blackbarrel Cellars. Went to the location and nothing. Not even a “switched off” variant. There was nothing there. On the third reboot the symbol eventually appeared. Will this happen on all other Eridian Symbols?
  2. Next I walked across the bridge to The Floating Tomb to have another go at Graveward as I have never managed to get a Legendary from him. Before dropping down for the fight I needed to change some weapons. BIG PROBLEM. The system will not let me move weapons from by Backpack to the Active slots and visa versa. Without this facility it is probably pointless playing any further. Similarly it will not let me drop junk weapons from the Backpack. However I can pick up weapons. What ever the Devs have done this needs to be fixed and fast.

quality update! :slight_smile: