Nov 9 hot fix not applied

Guys, I’ll really appreciate your help or advice . the problem I’m having right now is driving me crazy.
i figured the reason why the Nov 9 hot fix not working is that the game just can’t download it. and that’s why i had a long load time at " downloading updates please wait" icon ( about 20 sec and this happens every time i leave my own room or my friend’s room ). the game wasted 20 sec trying to download the hot fix but failed. because of this, i had to wait for extra 20 sec between creating and leaving a game room to farm legendaries. it’s just so annoying.

i have uninstalled and re-download 2 times and verifying the cache doesn’t help at all and it always says 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired. and the internet is fine. firewall seems ok.

i used to play the game fine. i had this problem once half a month ago but somehow it disappeared after the new patch release and now it comes again.

OMG help me . really need some help plz :cry:

i upload a video of what’s happening.
I’m having this problem

Hi @jeremyNinja,

I would recommend contacting our support team on this one. That way they can help you and also get some documentation on the issue.

thx for your reply.
i didn’t know there is still a support team working for the community for this old but fantastic game. i’ll do so.