Nov 9 update a mess

Typhoon loot caches invisible unless game restarted…

Forgotten Basilica: Irridium to be smashed missing in vault. Had to re-start…

Is anyone testing this stuff before release???

Hey Gravelmarc,
I also have the “Eridium to be smashed missing in vault.” during the “Beneath the Meridian” -> “Break Eridium deposit” Step. I am also unable to see Typhoon loot caches. Maybe they are connected?

My Main question however is that A reset did not resolve my issues, was there something else you did?

Hi there,

I just restarted the game from the desktop, not the main menu…



Yep this update was a real mess. On several locations the Dead drop cache was missing along side the unread and read Eridian symbols. But for me the biggest problem is that I can no longer change weapons anymore.

…yeah…ticks me off when stuff gets released without proper vetting…grr :frowning: