Nova? Big problem!

Yeah, so I was doing this mission, and I did what I usually do. I stand close to the electric bars and let them break the shield. I position myself, and let the nova rip. But I didn’t get all the cameras, so I do it again… and again… and again… and… you get the point. I must have tried more than 30 times, but wasn’t able to hit all five cameras, but getting closer to the point where I pop my Goliath-helmet and start chasing everyone I see.

But then I thought… What’s the size of the nova that the shield emitts? Which parts are on the shield?

All Bandit parts

So I realized that this was the worst possible shield for this mission. The nova would never be able to reach all cameras at the same time, and therefore, it would be impossible to complete the mission.


While it must not have been very fon for you right then and there I have to say that it is pretty funny that a quest is not completable with the assigned item because the game rolled bad parts on it :smiley:

I don’t like that mission since over half the time Springs does no open the door to the shield for me in the first place and I have to save and quit to get it.

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Yep! My thoughts exactly!

This might explain why sometimes I’ve managed to hit the cameras after only a couple of attempts, but others I’ve had to try multiple times. It has never occurred to me to check the shield parts - I’d always just assumed they’d be fixed for that item!

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She did that yesterday, but Aurelia “slapped her into a higher tax bracket”, and wadda ya know… She opens the door to the chest. :rofl: My only guess is that she likes it rough!

I think I’ve once seen or twice seen her fix her own brain damage and open the door after a while. Usually she just stands next to the door if you pick both quests at the same time and that’s it. Sometimes she actually teleports inside the very container she is supposed to be opening. Maybe she’s expecting me to do that too.

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I’m a bit late I know but. In the off chance this isn’t very well known, a shock singularity grenade also works.

Yep, but I was starting a new character, and was at level 5, or something. No singularities available at level 5. Unfortunately! :smile: