Nova Hero Prediction

Oi, it’s me, image, I’m predicting that Nova may be a support in the LLC faction, I mean like we’ve seen a few playable characters talking in the story mode like Mellka and and Ghalt, so why wouldn’t she be a playable character? For those who aren’t remembering Nova, she’s that sorta owl looking AI thing shown in some earlier gameplay videos of Battleborn. Idk dood, that’s just my prediction. What do you guys think eh?

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Mhhhh, really interesting idea!
My guess was that NOVA is a insane AI Kleese created, or at least Kleese repaired/reclaimed or restored her. Would be cool if she´s a playable AI like ISIC, only less creepy and more hillarious :slight_smile:

I agree a lot based on the saboteur mission where she is asking Kleese for the robot suit, I would say it would be weird due to them sharing the same voice as Galilea but Christopher Sabat voices Rath, Geoff, and Attikus and Jim Foronda voices ISIC, Oscar Mike, MINREC, and Whiskey Foxtrot so it would work well and think she would be great. I feel like they may try and spin it for the Jennerit to either be the Empress because I am pretty sure Rendain never confirmed killing her also at pax they released a picture showing the out lines of the character and the 2 in the back could be themimage