Nova is getting us in trouble with random peeps

In the new Attikus map there are several locations where if you walk past Nova she will remind you that you can reset the OPs.

Trouble is, I’ve had several games today where random people are doing that.
So you get to 85 OPs then when you’re ready to fight Aria you notice the count has been reset.

I was under the impression you couldn’t reset Ops Points unless you were solo. Is that not the case? I haven’t done the public queue, but in the handful of private runs I’ve done with people, I haven’t noticed NOVA.

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I don’t understand the point of resetting the points anyway. I mean, if you just grinded to get to 80 why would you want to lose all the progress? All the goodies are at those higher ops points

Sometimes you find you can’t handle as much as you thought. Imagine if you could only handle 45, and now you’re at 50. The whole mission is pointless as the difficulty is much too high

That exactly.

One of her lines is literally “Combat too intense? You can reset your OPs here.”

Shes right at the checkpoints, so frustrated guys who just got killed get invited to go easy mode.

Not everyone is aware of how exactly the goodies are given and others might just not care.

I myself need only one 85 OPs run for Montana, then its all or nothing runs ( won’t deal with 90 OPs difficulty for another loot chest).

…Same, I just need 85 for the remaining chars.
If a random person resets them I go back solo.

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Just happened again, one of the randoms reset the OPs.
Come on Gearbox, make it a team vote.
I can’t be the only dropping when this happens, a new kind of quit for this game.

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Oh wow. Yeah, that sucks. I luckily haven’t noticed this so far and didn’t even know it was a thing.

I always go all the way to 100 (commander pack yay) especially now that I have all skins unlocked. Didn’t happen to me yet but I’d be incredibly pissed if somebody reset the points.

I’m cool with it now because after all that…This, finally:



Neither have I. I think it’s only available for 2-3 man teams in public and not private. I always queue up in private, so I’ve never seen the reset option outside of when I did it solo.

Quick Question… If You reset you only lose the points during the current game right?

Cause after getting a lot of OPs points and a lot of replays it seems that some challenges only trigger while the count is low.

Haven’t had spot the loot or build the Turrets challenges in AGES.

So if you always start with 50 Points after getting there, this eliminates the chance to get the Shard Farming Side Quest in the Beginning.

Always have Kill Deadeye/Ronin/Beastmaster.

Strange that they would Limit the Options once you play at higher OPs Tiers, but it seems so to me.

I believe it only resets your current session.

…Correct,that game only, your next game will start at 50 if that is what you had.
(Have completed the dlc 55 times now)

So this INDEED preventing me from getting the easy challenges at the start. Great… bye bye easy to farm shards.

On a somewhat related note: if you fail to protect the homing beacon, your OPs points are reset to zero.

What? How do you know? And fuuuuuck

'Cause it happened to me and my wife. Instead of suiciding out like we normal do to let someone else in, we figured we’d let the beacon be destroyed. Well, it was, but Attikus still showed up and we lost all of our OPs points.

Is that intended?

I Wish you had instead of the lack of normal / Advanced option, an option to choose with how many OPs you start.

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