Nova on Iron Bear exit shield annointment

So been farming Killavolt likr crazy to get a transformer with 75% health and sheilds on exiting IB but now I’m interested in the one that creates a nova on exit .

12k damage nova is nothing to sneeze at right? Is this annointment any good ? And is it an element?

I’m using one due to lack of better lvl 53 shield currently. It’s forgettable, but it better than non-annointed. Mines over 20k though. 12k seems, low?

The element is based on the resistance of the shield.

Also, it copies the properties of the nova the shield does naturally. So for example the frozen heart with this annointment will freeze everything around you twice

Nice. So on transfomer if will do shock damage

I was looking at pics of level 50 ones so you’re probably right

IMO if you are playing M4 12k or even 22k is super low and basically useless. A burst or hit from most good weapons is in the 50k range usually(unless its a fast firing rifle or something then more like 10k), so it’s like shooting something less then half of one time. Not near enough to replace more beneficial anoints.

Hmmm so the shock on transfomer shield wont do much against shielded enemies at M4 then ?

It might be enough to strip some shields, especially in a place like Athenas. Most shield values aren’t very high I don’t think but I wouldn’t know a number there.

Well, your three main options with Moze are Boosted Health and Shields, the Nova in and out, and cooldown. Boosted health and shields keep you further away from Topped Off. Cooldown boosting will only be beneficial if you’re double longer bear runs or don’t have Grizzled.

I’d say it’s a nice way to drop some shields a bit so you can get to work on health. I have an Ember’s Blaze with NovaBear on it. Which, is just for my own giggles.

Probably best use of NovaBear Transformer would be if you plan on running in and dumping Auto Bear in the middle of a crowd. You go in. Nova. Shoot a couple shots. Then pull out nova.

I looked at someone’s estimate on shields and I’m not confident in their numbers enough to weigh any opinions based on them. Novas are really a “love em or leave em” thing.

Well I was farming Atomic for a Faisor and got this randomly so I decided to mess with it. Getting around 100k per nova which enter/exit fully strips Atomic and Sylestro shields. I have +splash com(blast master) and +aoe artifact so I am boosting it a lot. But It’s actually not too bad I might consider doing something with it. So I take back my useless statement.

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Yeah, I was going to say that if you run a Blast Master, the shock nova on TVHM does work on shields. Having Nova Bear on a Frozen Heart or Snowshoe is also fun.