Nova Robotsuit?

As a Joke, or as a posibility, there is mention there being a robot body suit thing where nova can walk with the battleborns.

My question is… what faction she would fit if it happen as a playable character…
Would she be an LLC?

Rogue! Nova is savage and wild!!


gut reaction says LLC, but she is currently housed in a UPR ship, so I wouldn’t be surprised about that either.

I have other hopes for who another rogue character would be :smiling_imp:

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Instead of saying: You need to help Toby
She should have asked for help in getting one of those suits for herself.

She would be a tank that fires a barrage of missiles that have a crazy AoE as well as an ultimate that sees her leaping in the air and stomping on someone.

Oh, and she’d be LLC.

Minion rockets, like Geoff’s spider baby’s. On impact leaves her own special version of a blade bot. Super slow travel time and/or hard to aim. Or call in minion air strike/ minion paratroopers ultimate? What about a magnetic ability where she can put a magnetic bubble on someone that sends every projectile that hits the bubble to the target inside, effectively increasing the size of their hitbox for a limited period of time. You could add stuff like slow or shield steal or dot based on how much damage the bubble has redirected up to that point each tick or an explosion on expiry that is based on damage redirection. The trade off would be that you would be unable to crit the target for the duration. I’m thinking like priority target but harder to use and with short duration so that you have to actually time it instead of spamming it and/or keeping it up on someone as often as possible.

Oh and she should be melee, with a slow alt midrange attack. I feel like the ship itself should be included in the ult somehow but I’m not sure what that would look like.

She is not 1 robot, but many robots glued together thx to eldrid magic and duct tape?


Her ult, her body folds up into a head/torso and minions appear and form the arms and legs. Then she gets to walk tall and smash things for the duration.

Is nova insanely rich or the leader of some super powerful conglomerate if not then she wouldn’t be part of the LLC imo

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Well, she’s a Magnus, and so far, all of the other Magnus(es?) are part of the L.L.C faction, so it would only make sense if she was L.L.C too right?


because they are directly tied to LLC members. ISIC had a direct relation to Kleese, basically currently enslaved by him. Marquis was Phoebe’s butler and caretaker. Kid Ultra was created by Phoebe.

Nova on the other hand, is UPR. Ghalt’s personal ship basically.

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My thinking exactly

Nova may be MADE my the LLC, but she has ties in with the UPR through and through

Isn’t Kleese responsible for creating her though? So there’s a direct tie to Kleese. Also, all the Magnuses were governed by the Magna Carta, which makes a recurring appearance in some of the lore behind the L.L.C. Furthermore, her colour scheme seems to hint towards the L.L.C faction as well.

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Kleese was a technician that ghalt hired to help fix Nova when the magna carta went offline.

The magna carta connecting to the magnuses is not really fair to say that makes Nova LLC. This is because by that, whiskey should be UPR since he was directly involved with the clones as he is one which were used by UPR, reyna counts too as she was once UPR

In short, there are many characters with direct tie ins, but that does not mean they should HAVE to align with it

EDIT: sorry the middle paragraph makes it sound like I’m being a smartass

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I was actually unaware of this. I guess she doesn’t have as many ties to the L.L.C as I thought she did. I just assumed Kleese made her and therefore she should’ve been L.L.C. :confused:

Really? This surprises me and now I’m intrigued. Where does it mention this? Is it in her own lore?

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I believe jythri has said so, and it’s in her battle chatter (I believe on seeing ghalt)

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Problem is, I don’t play Reyna… :confounded:

EDIT: Misread what you said. My bad. =P

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You won’t find it in there, only through chatter I think

Kinda wierd she has nothing on it now that I think about it