Nova shields in FFYL?

Will FotFH and the like do their job in FFYL and, should they offer a kill, grant a second wind? Will DOT I apply before entering FFYL also grant SW if the target expires while I am in it? Thank you!

The Flame is the only one that’ll constantly go off while you’re in FFYL. And you can get SW from DoT damage.

The Deadly bloom’s second nova can also get you a SW

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I thought it was OR in that either it’ll go off when the shield is depleted OR your health is depleted. Does it have two novas or is only the one?

It has 2 novas


Ah, I didn’t know that. Learn something new.

Hehe, yea, I used it in NVHM on at least one of my toons for a bit and it totally got me some second winds. Pretty fun to just wade into a group of weaker enemies and watch them kill themselves by downing you.

Thank you.
Will bonuses to elemental damage from relics, mods, or skills also boost the fire damage from novas from shields such as FotFH in FFYL?

Yes, though I don’t recall any skill or COM that would qualify, but elemental relics certainly would work

Ok thanks. (Won’t toast class mods and burn baby burn help?)

Will using Moxxi weapons offer any use in FFYL? Or any kill skill? (Would you get the benefit of the kill skill or Moxxi healing when entering SW?) thanks

They only increase DoT damage, not the Nova’s base damage

You would come out of FFYL with more health. No kill skill is activated while in FFYL

I know this is BL2, but Jack can activate his kill skills in FFYL.

So incendiary grenades count as explosive and only the DOT is elemental?

True, though in his case, it’s because he has something that “activates kill skills” independently of actual kills, a unique mechanic in all of BL. :slight_smile:

For everyone else, once you enter FFYL, if you had kill skills active, they deactivate, and the only way to activate them is to kill…which brings you out.

NO, incendiary grenades count as fire damage too

The distinction is in the toast COM and BBB stipulate that they increase BURN damage, not fire damage. The distinction is important. Burn Damage is fire damage from DoT sources only.

LIke shock damage creates electrocute damage over time and corrosive damage creates corrode damage over time.

By contrast, elemental relics increase Fire damage, which includes both the initial attack and subsequent DoTs.


Using Moxxi weapons in FFYL will let you come out of it with more health, but they’ll also make you stop receiving benefits from skills like Last Ditch Effort, Immolate, or Bloody Revival, since the game will “think” you have some health.