Nova Squad Gaming official recruitment thread

Hello and thank you for considering Nova Squad. We are all very much friends and enjoy playing together. We recently decided to recruit some people into our ranks. We intend to stay relatively small but VERY active. We currently have 26 members ALL play daily or Bi-daily. We originally started as a Battlefront community but recently decided to support other Sci-Fi shooters like Gears, Halo , Borderlands and the upcoming Doom game.

What we require:

  • Be 21+ years old
  • Have a mic
  • Be active
  • Like having fun

What we offer:
*An active fun community
*2-3 events a week

We are very new to the Borderlands scene so there is plenty of room for advancement and other opportunities within the community. We look forward to meeting some of you.

We are still recruiting and have a Borderlands event next week.

I would like to participate, do you have a slot for a casual player ?