Nova voice line in Void's Edge?

While I was finishing off some lore challenges for Kleese, I was surprised that Nova was the character to reply to Wolf when it comes to his special dialogue. I was half expecting Kleese to answer, as it’s normally a character that’s in your team at the time, so it really surprised me. I wonder if it’s because I was playing solo that it triggered some of the unique dialogue in the game. I don’t know if people already know about this but I’ve played PvE for a while and this was the first time I’ve heard this line.

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The line selection is random, and there are quite a few different versions. The choice may be biased to whichever character hits the script trigger first, but you do still get lines from other BB (including Nova) that aren’t in your party.

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I’ve only ever had characters in my current team speak so Nova was totally new to me.


Yeah, lines are random.

When I stil mained Orendi, I had a random line from her during the third mission where she was laughing at Deande for being hunted. Never got it again.

Kelvin has no dialog! :’-(

I love Toby’s (going off of memory, so not verbatim):

Wolf: So, What’re you guys doing after this is over?

Toby: Attempting to put you back together because i feel bad at letting a sentient robot die.

Wolf: Cool; count me in!


“Is it… is it being serious right now? I can’t tell.”


In all the (many) times I’ve played VE, Kleese always has a substantial voice script. The exchange between Wolf and the BB just before you hack the Temple has always been one of the active BB. If you got Nova, that’s new to me (and lucky for you. Nova is awesome!).

Nova is the placeholder for characters without a line.