Nova will be a DLC character. Here's why:

I know it’s not too much to go by… BUT, In ‘The Saboteur’ story mission, Kleese and Nova mention a robot suit that Nova gets really excited about.

Kleese: “One of Deande’s spies has provided us with the location of a Jennerit energy refinery with a hilarious staffing problem. Nova? We’ve got a job for you.”

Nova: “Ooh. Ooh. Are you going to put me in the robot suit? Are you?”

I for one, would love to see a Battle Ready Nova Bot rock the fields of battle.

Just my two cents but I have a feeling that robot suit conversation is pointing to something.


This concept was shown at PAX East, I have a pretty solid feeling that Mech suit on the left will be Nova.


Oh, nice! Hadn’t seen this.

Yeah, can’t wait, Nova is easily one of my favourite characters as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the connection, but another LLC Magnus in a robot suit is a little lackluster to me and I hope for something new and surprising.

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While i do see your point, I would quite like to see her as a character. I mean, she’s such a prominent character in the story. Could be nice.

“Kleese? Robot suit. Kleese? Robot suit. Kleese?”


I think she’d be more of a Peacekeeper Magnus, given she seems to lean more towards that.

I honestly thought the same thing and I didn’t hear that. I was just thinking if Isic is why not Nova?

That picture totally broke my dreams of Mordecai becoming a Battleborn Character :frowning:

Could be her on the right as well, that silhouette is also mechanical, as well as looking rather feminine


I think thats Empress Leonore (whom Rendain betrayed) or whatever her name is from the Jennerit. Mentalmars had some speculations about her being one of the original characters pre-release, and I think thats the same silouehette he had over on his site.

On a side note; Im beginning to think SOMEone on Gearbox dev team has a bird fetish lol…first Benedict then Tobi, now we have what looks to be a Peacekeeper Chicken. :sweat_smile: Wonder if the Grenade rounds are shaped like eggs.

Edit: Although you ARE correct in that it does look kinda “cyber-ish”.

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The original speculation ended up being deande I think. Or maybe it was gal. Either way mm’s siloute was photoshopped by mm

Ah I see…I still suspect thats who the Jennerit DLC will be. Ironically the headshape for that photoshop is very similar

Those weapons did look kinda boring tho…glad it didnt turn out to be correct.

It honestly looks like a slightly more feminine rendain. So I do think Lenore is a possibility actually

I really hope Nova in a Robot Suit is one of the dlc characters!

I want the grenade bird :heart_eyes:

God damnit. I guess we won’t be getting a 2 Hand weapon user for a long time if this is the next 5 heroes coming.

DAMN YOUUUUUUU GBX!!! shakes fist

i guess it will be the one at the right with the wings!
you know why? play pvp and whatch the hologram at the side of the video that plays at the start :wink:

The dlc characters are already designed.

Nova as playable wasn’t even on their radar until post launch.

She would be a sixth unplanned dlc character, probably heavily dependent on whether or not the game profits.

The character on the right is the jennerit character, whether it’s lenore is still a mystery.