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@Derch Gaige Skill Guide video coming soon? I know Aurelia is next but one can hope.
Love the series btw

OT as I told you my Gaige build is a version of your Shocking Anarchist, but I tweaked it for the Leg Catalyst

Basically the idea is that the Anarchist COM pulls me up to about 100 stacks then I swap out for Catalyst, and keep it on hand for bosses without adds since a lot of my hitting power does come from EE procs.

It’s performed well enough for Peak runs up to OP6 when I’m not playing like a doofus, any tweaks I should make for running up to 8? I’d prefer to stay with the Catalyst focus.

Gear is typically a shock Pimp, shock Hail, Slagga, NE ricochet fibber or Blockhead depending on enemies, Antagonist, shock bone and Storm Front but I’m thinking a Quasar would be good for crowd control.

Many thanks

I don’t think tweaks are too nescecary, maybe holding onto the leg. Anarchist until 150 stacks to get a higher damage output a bit faster (specially if you dont pre-stack). I’d dare to recommend a shock CC or Twister just in case however.

Overal the build seems fine.

Might do a guide to LBT one of these days but that’s about it. The only video’s I upload are the random and runs with my builds.

I’ve got Talon of God ready to go on my current playthrough, was planning to farm the moonshot for a CC. Twister farming isnt happening until OP8

And the first part was directed to @Derch, should have paged him on that, oops

Hoping I’m not being a mini necro, but I’m really trying to find a co-op leveling guild based around DT tanking the enemy. I assume I can just beef up the BFF tree, but I was curious if there’s a more nuanced build for something like this. Anything would be considered helpful.

Hey there, don’t worry about bumping the thread :slight_smile:

Anyway, in your case I really recommend BBF, LBT (the latter even if you aren’t using shock weapons only).
Like this:
It’s about what i personally run on my fourth Gaige. Huge emphasis on DT without losing oomph as Gaige herself.
A more shock damage focused one means either sacrificing the bits that are spend on OC (which I personally don’t really recommend) or lose the BFF focus.

Are there any COMs or other gear in mind already, or do you want me to recommend some?

It’s not exactly a guide, but I do hope this helps. If not I will go into more details.

I think I’ve got a good build theory crafted for my Gaige for endgame (she’s not even close to there yet, still in NVHM atm), wanted to run it by the experts here to get input on it:

I intend to run Leg. Anarchist with this build, hence the 10 points into LBT to get the skills buffed by that com (and I think they’re pretty decent skills anyways, at least, not much else seems good to me that I haven’t already got and can actually reach). The core of the build is what’s in the OC tree, I can run hi-anarchy stacks, with the option to bleed some of them off with Discord if I see a need, or I can do Discord cycling thanks to RA (which is, afaik, useful v. raids) and I can pre-stack all the way to 400 anarchy if I want as well. With the com I’ll have 10/5 in Typeclast Iconoclast so +60% stack generation which is valuable pretty much no matter what I am trying to do w/ my anarchy stacks.

Much of the remainder of the build is meant to support the above described core. I have BSS from OC which is my primary means of sustaining my defenses, but I also have Unstoppable Force which is nice for countering DoTs and negating dmg after a kill from other enemies, also the MS is handy for closing distance, which is important when your accuracy sucks due to high stack count. Got Cooking Up Trouble to help me replace health lost to BSS between fights. Upshot Robot I expect will mean the Deathtrap will last as long as it takes for me to clear the immediate vicinity of enemies in most cases, assuming he lives but that is fairly likely given that he has a copy of my shield, which will generally by a high capacity shield of some kind, hence I am okay with not having 20% Cooler and thus having a long Deathtrap CD.

Took the liberty to make a few tweaks.

Strength of 5 Gorillas is boosted by the Legendary Anarchist, so dumping 5 point in that skill feels really redundant. DT levels up with the Op levels aswel so with a COM 2/3 points are more than enough.

Fancy Maths is redundant aswel with both BSS and UF, but I kept it in for the most part so the build doesn’t lose it’s original idea/intention.

The leftover points are spent on 20% Cooler after all. W/o modifiers applied the cooldown lasts for a minute, so shaving that off is always welcome.

Do you have any gear in mind already you want to use on this build?

If I really want 20% Cooler, I’ll probably do this:

Makes So5G skill point investment way more efficient, 1 pt for 6/5 effect. Taking 1 pt off of Cooking Up Trouble is no big deal, since it’s there to help me rebuild my health between fights rather than during them (I use With Claws for in-fight health recovery or Discord if melee isn’t a good option; which isn’t uncommon).

FM is important for those fights where you don’t get kills often (admittedly, it’s pretty redundant when you are getting kills), and thus neither BSS nor UF are going to do much for you. I found it quite invaluable when I solo’d Hyperius in NVHM w/ her (had to respec to get it then, but it was worth as I managed to solo him because of it).

As for gear, I expect I will use weapons with homing projectiles quite a bit, particularly when I have a high anarchy stack count (such weapons bypass the major downside of having lots of anarchy stacks), so CC, Dart E-tech pistols, etc. I won’t use such weapons exclusively, but I think they will frequently be part of my loadout.


Hey there Nova
im using your Shock build on my gaige and so far its really fun to play.
im still stuck at OP7 trying to open OP8
its hard but ill manage it slowly.

im using The slagga as maun slagging tool
storm fornt instead of mm
i also use Shock fibber / shock twister and corrosive/shock pimpernels

my question for you today is how can i tweak my gear or build to work with the Legendary Catalyst instead of Legendary Anarchist com

i like the idea of low stavks like 250 but what i like more about gaige is focusing on Shock and elemental damage
i like the idea that Catalyst com helps my team as well

and id kike to tweak ky gear and build (ur build xD)
to work with the Catalyst

any tips?
btw The Fibber is very strong and its my main weapon until ill find a x7 Shock cC but id like to get more weapon suggestions

Thanks :slight_smile:

Fair enough. That will work just as wel.

Mhm. I’m honestly not sure if -E-Tech pistols will work. Personally, I refused to use them after I found out they have a delay when hitting a target. And they can’t crit either iirc. But I won’t refrain you from using them. Although I do think a Stalker will be much more efficient. Have fun finding it though.

Also, sorry for the belated reply.

Funnily enough, in game I actually left a point in Evil Enchantress (Which otherwise would be spend on UF). Did it on purpose so I can switch from the Leg. Anarchist to Leg. Catalyst. The latter is just not my intention in the build, but I can’t see how it wont work.

You could stil use the Leg. Anarchist COM until you have some stacks going (100 stacks is reached easily that way). And then switch to the Leg. Catalyst. But going exclusively for the Leg. Catalyst is definetly a viable option, since it makes it easier for I/O to actually slag things. As a team COM it is underwhelming however (if it had a second line like ‘Team Shock Damage’, that would’ve be great).

Check the Top Gear for Gaige, it is a work in progress, but it states various good items she can make use of.

so basicly
all i have to do is just use the catalyst com without changing any skills?
or its just 1 point in EE instead of something else?

i like both Catalyst and Anarchist but if one of them is weaker in OP8 id like to know that :slight_smile:

juat not sure how good it will be . you lose things like fast stacking but you also lose uselss skills like the DT Meele

One point from UF goes to Evil Enchantress.

So5G is not too bad. It’s straightforward and it helps DT, specially when you have Robot Rampage. I’m more annoyed that there’s only 1 COM that boosts Myelin.

yeah Myelin is awesome
but still i wouls like to know what do you think is better in terms of damage output

Anarchist or Catalyst?

and btw why you would prefer Team shock damage when we get Elemenetal?its benefits all elements no?

I personally prefer the Anarchist. But the Catalyst is no slouch either. Since you use the Pimp alot more than I do, I think the Catalyst will fit better. But it is definetly up to you. See which feels best to use.

I was giving a example. As the COM is now, it is rather underwhelming for a team COM.


Hey just want to update few things
first i’ve managed to get myself a Catalyst mod
and tried many skill builds to see how it works on my usual OP7 Tubbie run in The Badlands.

Very weak compared to your Shock build with Anarchy COM

so i got back to my Anarchy COM but i wanted to get rid of IO because the sand/dust storm effect you get every second makes MAD

so i took it out and use the spare points to max Unstoppable Force (one of my fav skills) and gave DT extra damage which i think is very very helpful!

did a quick test and i must say i was suprise how good it is without IO.

hope IO is not a “Must have” for OP8

Thanks again Nova.

If it works on Op7 how you’re running the build now, it will aswel on OP8.

Glad I could help.

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hey nova
i wonder…is there a weapon must have for fast stacking?
i use my old jakobs shotgun as it shootd 1 time and reload pretty fast

just wonder if there is something better :slight_smile:

There’s nothing better. Just shoot it at the dummy in Sanctuary for a while, although for basic mobbing you won’t need to pre-stack.

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yeah i know.
i only does that for when i need the stacks

While team shock damage might be nice it doesn’t really fit the skills in Gaige’s LBT tree or match other COMs that boost DoT damage. An additional team elemental effect chance equal to the DoT damage would make more sense as most of the CoMs out there that boost DoT damage also boost DoT chance by the same amount. A boost in DoT chance would also help Gaige’s LBT tree address its most glaring weakness. The skills the Leg. Catalyst boosts are all about shock DoTs, either directly(WDT and EE) or by applying other status effects while shooting that boost the damage of those DoTs(I/O and EB). The problem with all these skills is that More Pep is the worst elemental effect chance skill in the game and Gaige needs a higher elemental effect chance.