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Hey there Nova
im using your Shock build on my gaige and so far its really fun to play.
im still stuck at OP7 trying to open OP8
its hard but ill manage it slowly.

im using The slagga as maun slagging tool
storm fornt instead of mm
i also use Shock fibber / shock twister and corrosive/shock pimpernels

my question for you today is how can i tweak my gear or build to work with the Legendary Catalyst instead of Legendary Anarchist com

i like the idea of low stavks like 250 but what i like more about gaige is focusing on Shock and elemental damage
i like the idea that Catalyst com helps my team as well

and id kike to tweak ky gear and build (ur build xD)
to work with the Catalyst

any tips?
btw The Fibber is very strong and its my main weapon until ill find a x7 Shock cC but id like to get more weapon suggestions

Thanks :slight_smile:

Fair enough. That will work just as wel.

Mhm. I’m honestly not sure if -E-Tech pistols will work. Personally, I refused to use them after I found out they have a delay when hitting a target. And they can’t crit either iirc. But I won’t refrain you from using them. Although I do think a Stalker will be much more efficient. Have fun finding it though.

Also, sorry for the belated reply.

Funnily enough, in game I actually left a point in Evil Enchantress (Which otherwise would be spend on UF). Did it on purpose so I can switch from the Leg. Anarchist to Leg. Catalyst. The latter is just not my intention in the build, but I can’t see how it wont work.

You could stil use the Leg. Anarchist COM until you have some stacks going (100 stacks is reached easily that way). And then switch to the Leg. Catalyst. But going exclusively for the Leg. Catalyst is definetly a viable option, since it makes it easier for I/O to actually slag things. As a team COM it is underwhelming however (if it had a second line like ‘Team Shock Damage’, that would’ve be great).

Check the Top Gear for Gaige, it is a work in progress, but it states various good items she can make use of.

so basicly
all i have to do is just use the catalyst com without changing any skills?
or its just 1 point in EE instead of something else?

i like both Catalyst and Anarchist but if one of them is weaker in OP8 id like to know that :slight_smile:

juat not sure how good it will be . you lose things like fast stacking but you also lose uselss skills like the DT Meele

One point from UF goes to Evil Enchantress.

So5G is not too bad. It’s straightforward and it helps DT, specially when you have Robot Rampage. I’m more annoyed that there’s only 1 COM that boosts Myelin.

yeah Myelin is awesome
but still i wouls like to know what do you think is better in terms of damage output

Anarchist or Catalyst?

and btw why you would prefer Team shock damage when we get Elemenetal?its benefits all elements no?

I personally prefer the Anarchist. But the Catalyst is no slouch either. Since you use the Pimp alot more than I do, I think the Catalyst will fit better. But it is definetly up to you. See which feels best to use.

I was giving a example. As the COM is now, it is rather underwhelming for a team COM.


Hey just want to update few things
first i’ve managed to get myself a Catalyst mod
and tried many skill builds to see how it works on my usual OP7 Tubbie run in The Badlands.

Very weak compared to your Shock build with Anarchy COM

so i got back to my Anarchy COM but i wanted to get rid of IO because the sand/dust storm effect you get every second makes MAD

so i took it out and use the spare points to max Unstoppable Force (one of my fav skills) and gave DT extra damage which i think is very very helpful!

did a quick test and i must say i was suprise how good it is without IO.

hope IO is not a “Must have” for OP8

Thanks again Nova.

If it works on Op7 how you’re running the build now, it will aswel on OP8.

Glad I could help.

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hey nova
i wonder…is there a weapon must have for fast stacking?
i use my old jakobs shotgun as it shootd 1 time and reload pretty fast

just wonder if there is something better :slight_smile:

There’s nothing better. Just shoot it at the dummy in Sanctuary for a while, although for basic mobbing you won’t need to pre-stack.

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yeah i know.
i only does that for when i need the stacks

While team shock damage might be nice it doesn’t really fit the skills in Gaige’s LBT tree or match other COMs that boost DoT damage. An additional team elemental effect chance equal to the DoT damage would make more sense as most of the CoMs out there that boost DoT damage also boost DoT chance by the same amount. A boost in DoT chance would also help Gaige’s LBT tree address its most glaring weakness. The skills the Leg. Catalyst boosts are all about shock DoTs, either directly(WDT and EE) or by applying other status effects while shooting that boost the damage of those DoTs(I/O and EB). The problem with all these skills is that More Pep is the worst elemental effect chance skill in the game and Gaige needs a higher elemental effect chance.

Fair point.

Agreed on More Pep though. Only reason it sees use is because it affects I/O.

I guess I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

I started a Gaige the other day and am playing through NVHM with her. I basically have no experience with her except for when I bought BL2 a couple years ago and played her briefly, and my experience then was pretty much ‘get Anarchy and Close Enough and spray in their general direction’.

So now I’m actually trying to plan out a skill setup long-term, and have this hashed out:

Gaige strikes me as one of the few vault hunters where going without any capstones at all doesn’t cripple you. I wanted to focus on the LBT tree (and hopefully just carry around shock guns eventually, and not bother with element matching or even carrying a slagging weapon is I can make IO work - some inefficiency is acceptable in search of ease-of-play IMO) but also grab some cornerstone skills from the other trees, integrate Anarchy into the build and buff DT a little bit. Although I suppose it may turn out to be a little spread thin.

Gear wise all I really have ‘planned out’ is probably a purple turtle shield (to maximally abuse BSS and Unstoppable Force), a Zapper (or Legendary Catalyst) mod and I guess a Shock Bone of the Ancients? Guns will probably end up being Maliwans for the additional DoT chance (do Maliwan guns get higher DoT damage as well?)

So… yeah. Please advise. :cold_sweat:

edit: I like the idea behind With Claws, and if I had the skill points to spare I would probably take it. Is it worth trying to shave points away from the BFF and LBT trees to try to get it?

Took the liberty to make some changes.

Explosive Clap i’m not sure on admittedly if it works as intended now, The Stare takes to long to fire, making you lose quite some time on DT being out.

5 points in Preshrunk Cyberpunk is overkill. On OP8 capping it at 250 is more than enough. Took the liberty to spend them in TBH, which is a nice DPS boost. However, one point from that can be out in Make It Sparkle if you wish to do so.

If you intent on staying at 72, this will work just fine:
It also gets rid of the need for prestacking at the dummy.

She can yes, atleast in the case of With Claws (I use it on 2 of my builds, but I forget that it even exists) and SiC (which is only used on one of my builds). Personally can’t do w/o Make it Sparkle. Sorry of it comes across as blatant self promotion, but my own OP8 build is made with shock gear in mind, albeit with a Leg. Anarchist instead of a Catalyst. I personally rely on I/O and slag grenades to get the job done. Personally don’t like having to sacrifice a gun slot for a dedicated slagging tool tbh.

This will work nicely, specially if you plan on using Plasma Casters made by Maliwan (Anarchy likes the splash).
Every shock elemental weapon is covered by LBT, so yeah. Even Maliwan really benefits from LBT skills.

For the rest I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. But as i’ve said to others I don’t mind recommending some gear if you want to.

I like With Claws, but it’s not a must have skill to have tbh. It stil kinda works in Ultimate, but it needs some stacks in Upshot Robot to make a diffirence if you dont use a roid shield. But on OP8 I don’t really see it working unless you go for a specialised build in melee. Although, to be fair, even in OP8 it stil does some nice healing. If you do want to have a build with With Claws and possibly Make it Sparkle, I can cook up something for that aswel (even if it pretty much means one of my own builds minus the gear).


I wouldn’t mind gear recommendations at all, I just figured that since my Gaige is level 17 I have plenty of time before I need to worry about farming or end-game gear.

As for With Claws, part of the reason I’d like to squeeze it in is simply that I like to try to incorporate each characters different unique skills into my builds, and digistructing claws is certainly unique. The other part is for the healing, because her other two forms of healing are somewhat situational.

Since grenades don’t get the Anarchy bonus I guess I’ll probably end up with (Longbow) Transfusions. Either in Slag if I feel like IO isn’t enough alone, or Shock for more damage…

Firstly, apologies for the belated reply.

Cool. To keep things easy to find I won’t mention gear that requires crystals or the need to grind Tubbies.

-Evie: while I normally wouldn’t recommend Maliwan pistols, this one is relatively easy to get, features increased firerate and allows DT to be out in the field more often if nescecary.
-Hail/Kitten: at this point standard fare but great gear I would recommend since both are easy to get and feature a nasty punch.
-Thunderball Fist: never really use it myself, but it is one of those weapons I’d dare to say that’s made for Gaige. I mention it here because it has 2 designated dropsources, so it isn’t as much of a pain to farm.
-Fibber: I’m not a fan of this pistol, but with the correct parts it really brings the hurt.
-Conference Call: bit iffy on recommending this because it can take awhile to find one with the shock elemental accesoire. But once you find one it’ll do great.
-Plasma Casters, prefering Maliwan.
-Sniders (those with matching barrel) are great aswel.

There’s quite a bunch more gear that you can find that come in shock, but there are those that I recall from the top of my head without making farmign a headache (in most cases anyway).

This I cannot disagree on, I admit. CuT works best with Jakobs shotguns (arguebly alot of her skills do) and Discord is at the cost of Anarchy stacks. And as I said before, WC loses it’s damage in the Op levels, but it stil does heal rather well (the more I am ashamed that I forget I have specced into it).

Considering the build you want is already focussed on dealing shock damage, you can go for shock transfusions if you decide to stick to OP0.

One final thing i’d like to mention though. While shock resistant enemies are very rare encounters, I do recommend keeping a jakobs weapon at hand, prefering a Coach Gun, Striker, Hammer Buster or something.


Which one of them is the best for Gaige (Catalyst)? I have 4 of them.

I think Gentelman’s isn’t that useful because of Anarchy.

Banbury is my favorite and most used of them

Barking - another good one

Fashionable - I don’t like this one but it has good mag size

Which one should I left in my Inventory?

I’d say Barking. Banbury doesn’t add much to the firerate and Anarchy works best with higher base damage, which in turn (assuming you have specced into it) works better with Wires Don’t Talk.

Have to say though, it’s a nice set of Storms you have.

What about mag size prefix?