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Oh ■■■■. Forgot about this, go me.

I useally ignore the magsize prefix entirely, personally dont see a point in it since it increases the tiem it takes to reload (iirc).

Hmm, I’m wondering how some guns might work with a magazine prefix and matching grip to offset some reload penalty.

I’m thinking about that burst DPS jump that would come from having TBH kick in for longer on something with a larger mag. Even if the reload cycle takes a beat longer, having more bullets overall per cycle with the RoF seems like it could be preferential.

I had an mag prefix Hail for a time while leveling Gaige that could pour bullets out for ages, really liked it but my matched grip Rabid is pretty damn sweet too :slight_smile:

Long time listener, first time caller
I’ve got a question about Fancy Math, BSS and Unstoppable Force : I see a lot of builds that have the latter two spec’d. As they’re both kill skills, it seems BSS makes UF redundant for shield regen. So is this simply to get movement speed? Seems to me that optimizing shield regen would include FM & BSS, no? Also, is there diminishing returns on FM (as in 2 points are good, 5 points is a waste)?

Good question! At 5/5, BSS gives gives you an instant +100% shield capacity at the cost of -5% health. FM, on the other hand, gives you -70% recharge delay and +60% recharge rate. So BSS is certainly the better choice in a mobbing build. In either case, UF is mainly for the movement speed boost. Be interesting to see what the experts say!

Looking at a couple of my own builds, if I always go Anarchy I go BSS over FM, and I tend to skip UF in favour of other skills. A BFF/DT focussed build, though, I use FM and might take UF.


UF is usually for the move speed and DoT protection. Pretty much like Quick Charge and Inertia.
The % shield regen “counter” the DoT action, so you keep the shield up after BSS proc.

Edit: also, FM is an amazing skill when you have nothing to proc BSS and UF. Especially Raids.


Hey @MidnightNova, got two questions that maybe you can answer.
First: Does the team max health from the Sweetheart COM affects DT?
Second: Does the Fancy Mathematics shield boosts affects DT?

Just for the starter guide Im writing.

As far as I am aware, they don’t seem to affect DT.
Atleast it doesnt w/ Sweetheart.

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The worst part is that I have no idea how I could test it haha