Nova's Mech Suit?

So, they mention this in the mission The Saboteur that Nova wanted to be placed in a mech suit… cough* DLC character cough* Please proceed to speculate wildly…image
(Sorry for the dot on your head Alani)



Yeah, when I heard that line, I was thinking, Foreshadowing? I still want a Rogue Varelsi in a suit, but that would also be neat.


Robot Suit for Nova…
Robot Suit? Gearbox?! Robot Suit???!


But if you look at the artstyle of it with the fins and the blockiness it just gives a big Gundam or Power Rangers vibe IMO.

A defender robot of some sort would be perfect for the UPR.

I did think this immediately when I was playing that level of the campaign, but isn’t Nova the announcer for the PVP maps? I just think that would be really weird. I know she could do both as an AI, but it just creates so many unnecessary questions (lorewise) about how she could be cheating. It could be funny for her to talk to herself (like how Phoebe talks to Nova on respawns/backs) but still. It’d be unprecedented for the default announcer in a PVP game to be playable at least. It could happen and Gearbox is the sense of humor that would do it, but still… UPR Gundam…

Gotta keep in mind tho that the playable character development process of all videogames not based one already existing chars (League champs, Overwatch heroes) and even ones that are (Witcher, Mortal Kombat) tends to be a very volatile process. All of these concepts, even Alani the eldrid char could have already been changed drastically as they disclaim in the original panel.

The snake looking guy could be a rogue varelsi. Their very sinewy and come in a variety of froms. Why not a snake-man?

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I thought this was just a Mass Effect reference… you know, ships AI being put in a Mech suit to help the squad out… I doubt it was anything more than a reference to another game.

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Do it. Do it now. Why didnt you do it yet ?!


I’d like a tanky support. UPR needs a support, and I don’t think there’s a tanky support character yet. Someone that doesn’t do much damage, but buffs everyone around her, and have enough health to stand in the front lines.

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Kinda like a less tanky more buffy ISIC?

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I’d rather see Nova in the game as a hard light hologram (like in Red Dwarf or Star Trek: Voyager).

Then again, ALL Magnus are insane. I wouldn’t put it out of hand.

You can also play as ISIC against ISIC in the Algorithm. I should actually do that to see if the game acknowledges it…

I’m a bit more puzzled by the rightmost figure. Is that a female Reindain? She seems to have the same type of mechanical arm.

Yea pretty sure thats Empress Lenore…I imagine her weapon arm to be ranged similar to Rendain since the faction is lacking a Real ranged DPS character. Possibly with some “soft” homing ability for projectiles as well.

As for Nova in the mech suit; I picture a mid-range Control/Disruptor with CC/DOT deployables (Turrets or Drones maybe)…LLC is lacking here.

Personally I cant wait for Alani, I dont have a Supportish character I like to play yet…she sounds right up my alley being melee/off-support.

I think Nova would be a UPR character, since she’s usually seen working with Ghalt. But yeah, I like your play style idea, but how about changing the turrets to be support totems, one for healing, one for cooldown reduction or over shield pulses, etc. A tanky support.

EDIT: PORTALS! SHE NEEDS PORTALS AS A SKILL. That would be an awesome deployable!

Yeah Kleese has that on lock lol I had completely forgot about his Shield deployables when I made my post…and Marquis with Houdini’s. I still stick by the controller role, im sure Gearbox has something sweet in store.

Portals WOULD be awesome though…

I’m pretty sure Empress Lenore is dead. Either that or Deande really wants Rendain to think so.

Time moves so slow in meatspace.

See I was thinking nova could be more the character on the far right instead. Or the empress I suppose.
I have a strange mental image of the mech on the left being a literal fish in a water filled glass bowl with a bone to pick with Toby. Kinda reminds me of street sharks or Bob the fish.

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But seriously we need a chainsaw wielding, fire breathing dinosaur. Chainsaws and flame throwers aren’t represented enough in shooters nowadays.