Nova's Pearl(er) beads

Since I’ve decided to get creative again with perler beads, I decided to make a topic on those I did make, and those I will make. Some of you may have seen Claptrap and Gaige already, but it never hurts posting those aswel in the same topic.

Sadly, I don’t have a close up of Clappy, but I hope you guys stil like what you see.

Planned upcoming projects (more will be added):
A.B.A. + Paracelcus


I love these :slight_smile:

Do you free-hand it, so to speak or do you use a template from somewhere?

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Templates are used, but I tend to take some liberties that feel closer to the actualy design of the character.
I mirror it aswel, so the ironed side is the backside. Makes things ugly otherwise if you ask me.

Gaige fridge magnets must be a thing

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Yeah. My best friend made a few Boo fridge magnets with this stuff.

Very nice Nova.


I agree. :dukeaffirmative:



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Thanks :blush:

And therapeutic, when I made those it helped me get my mind of things, and actually is one of the rare moments where I manage to keep my patience.

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