Now crashing when going to Nekrotafeyo

Completed the game with Amara, no problems, no crashes.

Now with a new character I have gotten to the point of using drop pod to goto Nekrotafeyo, game instantly crashes before the area is loaded.

Went back to my Amara; and it too now crashes if I fast travel to Nekrotafeyo (Desolation Edge). Everywhere else is fine to travel to.

Anyone else having this issue? Nothing came up with a forum search.

Pc or console? I’m unable to check atm but I can load it on ps4 when I get home later if it will help…


Everything was working perfectly yesterday. Now I cant travel to Desolation Edge with any character.

Have re-installed. Same.
Removed all other characters from save folder. Same issue.

Deleted profile.sav – This half solved the issue. I can now travel there, but all my stuff is gone from bank.
Restored old profile.sav – Crashes again when travelling to Desolation Edge.

So old profile is corrupted.

Will have to use mule to empty bank.
Delete old profile.
Use mule to restore bank.

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Sorry to hear it, best of luck!

My friend had the same issue. With Athenas. It all started when we wanted to farm the place in coop. First 2 times went great, 3rd time, when he joined my game, it would crash his game, my game was fine.

Tried multiple times, Always crashed.

I can’t remember what we all tried to fix it, but the only thing that fixed it on his part was verifieing (sp? I’m not english) the game on the epic launcher. That seemed to do the trick for him.

Have you tried that?

Yeah, did all that.

The only solution so far is to delete the profile.sav file. Let the game rebuild it upon start.

All items from bank wiped, guardian ranks and perks all toast. Bank items saved via mules.

Ah ok, I didn’t see the verify part in your post, so I thought I’d mention it.

Hope this stuff gets fixed soon.

I did a full uninstall; cleaned registry. Deleted Everything, including profiles and saves.

Started a new playthrough. Now using drop-pod to Athenas crashes game constantly.

Time to fully uninstall this wank and continue with the Outer Worlds; which I must add, has not bugged or crashed in over 30 hours of gameplay.

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