Now everyone can see that Vyns Quiver doesn't work Properly

If a OM still misses 0.2 Health per Second after Reloading with 29 Bullets in the Mag, this is a cry for help.

OK that might be overdramatizing, but any Battleborn should be Able to get 14 Health per Second out of it, if one Projectile was used and followed by a reload.

I know it won’t work on Benedict or Ernest, because they reload shot by shot, but all the others should be able to get the max effect.

Now not even good ol Mikey can.

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My only grievance is that the effect doesn’t work for Benedict and Ernest.
The effect of giving regen in proportion to your ammo capacity incentivizes characters with larger magazines/reserves. If it were changed to give max regen after one shot it would do the opposite with giving characters with fewer shots the advantage. It’s an unnecessary change in my eyes.

But it does need to work for all characters effected by reload speed

No? I don’t see the problem

How’s that an advantage?

I personally think it’s fine. It has added base health regen anyway, which is still useful on an Ernest or Benedict wanting a little more survivability.

Because they would empty their clips faster and more frequently out of necessity.

Whereas someone like Mellka who reloads prematurely often to make use of her venom cannister would rarely get the full effect.


And to add to this
characters with smaller mags would not be as heavily impacted DPS wise for single shot reloads as say Oscar Mike and Whiskey.
Benny still gets a lot out of that one shot

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Guys, forgot to do your math, huh?)

Nope. There’s no such rule, they are all different.

    (clip size, time to empty clip, reload time)
OM -         30,   2.9,    1.45
Mellka -     20,   2.09,   0.75
Caldarius -  20,   1.9,    1.2
Reyna -      12,   2.42,   1.1
WF -         10,   4.26,   1.66
Ghalt -       8,   3.78,   2
Marquis -     6,   2,      1.2
Marquis alt.  6,   5,      1.2
Miko -        6,   1.66,   0.75

Are you sure this was intended?

I’ve always viewed Vyn’s Quiver as a MUST for Whiskey, if you take his “Killer Regen” mutation, like i do. Slap an Eldrid max health/health regen syringe on him too, and MY GOD… it’s beautiful.

@Ginger_greninja wasn’t referring to how long it takes for an individual to empty a clip.

I have no possible way to know the intention.
I was saying what would happen if it were to change.

The only change that should or needs to happen (opinion) is for it to work on all characters effected by reload speed

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Vyn’s over his lore leg?

Tough call.

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-hangs head in shame-
I, uh… don’t have his lore legendary…

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IMO it should be designed to punish prematurely reloading, just like Tediore weapons (sorta do) in Borderlands. Instead of basing the regen on “more regen the more bullets in the mag” when you reload. It should give you max regen when you reload with zero bullets in the mag. It would actually truly be useful, have the ability to reach it’s max, and would reward game play instead of rewarding annoying ass micro managing that’s done outside of combat.

Plus it un-rightfully screws over a large part of the reload based cast for no reason, as they will never achieve the level of regen OM, WF, and lvl 8 Mellka get.


[quote=“khimerakiller, post:13, topic:1549647”]just like Tediore weapons (sorta do) in Borderlands

Tediore reloads are stronger the more bullets they have in the mag. If anything they promote early reloading.

The difference between Oscar(30)and Miko(6) is 1 Health a second


Tediore rewards early reloads since the damage on the throw is higher depending on how many bullets are left in the mag.

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Did you ever abuse the baby maker? Holy crap that thing was ridiculous

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I only ever got my Axton to lv55 and never tried a full tediore build.

I have an OP8 baby maker waiting for me if that day arrives.

Damn it, stop beating me to it! -reply deleted-

I knew I should have explained better. It means you waste ammo outside of combat. And even in combat it is only a potential burst damage increase, if your character has more gun damage boost over grenade boost (which many have a lot more gun damage and basically no grenade damage) then the damage per ammo drops significantly. And it massively drops again with criticals taken into account.

I.E. Use Maya with a Cat com and a purple Tediore smg, and see how long you last/how effective you are when you throw reload or when you just shoot things.

Not everyone is end game Axton.

I mean that’s almost a 15% difference. And IMO if it was designed the other way it would be much better and much more fulfilling.

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“It means you waste ammo outside of combat.”

Why would you shoot outside of combat in Borderlands 2?

Also, your Miya example is kind of moot. WOULD spamming a max damage Tediore reload be good on her? ANY of the characters aside from Salvador (for his ammo regen)? Of course not, just about ANY other manufacturer makes better weapons; you use Tediore to quickly take out strong enemies, or for fun. …or to abuse the Baby-Maker.

Aside from shooting a round to get the health regen from Vyn’s quiver before your next fight, teleporting to base is the better option when your health is low.