Now I feel like Zane players

I main Moze, I do have other vault hunters at 50 with good enough legendaries, they’re no fun.
FL4K: Can’t see what Im shooting at, I just deliver you lazer disco. So I felt like I was wasting his action skill.
Amara: has the best action skill, fire and corrosive is all you need. Weak though, shame. You should know this GB shield>health.
Zane…very skill dependant, pure pain. Cryo helps, but not enough. Give him Bloodletter mod, lets have 2 tanks.
Moze: (the only one who doesn’t have an accent yet supoose to be russian?) Just, make, boom. Use any gun, any shield, throw as much grenades, shoot as much as you want. Action skill? How bout a pet? A distraction for your enemies.

I can play this game with my eyes closed. After every hot “fix” the game became less balanced and more of a nuisance. My rewards are crap compared to the fight I have to put up on my poor ‘lil Moze(still better than any other vh <3). Same legendaries over and over. In ‘Total time played’ which was 7 days and 18 hours. I have never found Lyuda, fire Flakker, Hive, any of the Hexs’ and don’t even ask about anointed arsenal. All this hype from broken gear and loot tinks and “EZ GRAYWARD FARM 100000 LEGENDARIES IN 10 SECONDS BUILD” never affected me or my gameplay, just like your “hot fixes” never fixed my game.

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Amara is still very OP with certain builds and equipment.
I can do over 125k DOT damage per tick on a phasegrabed enemy with the phasegrab build I’m running and I just use my gun to shoot at my feet to regen health and shield faster than Mose could.
The other really OP build relies on phasecast and a Queens or Rowands call with 250% damage after phasecast.
It melts bosses almost as fast as Fl4k used to before the nerf to him.
Of course this is all “perfectly balanced” and not OP at all…

Playing with your eyes closed… Is balance? :confused:


I thought it was a metaphor for knowing something so well, that you don’t need eyes to use it. I had to run through normal mode and tvhm story missions 8 times. I did every side mission on Fl4k and Moze, I barely got through story missions for Zane and Amara because I just hate playing them. So yes, I know the game pretty well. Fights drag on, loots crap, unbalanced classes, unbalanced builds unbalanced weapons yada yada yada. And youre complaining about my closed eyes? Honey…


I also main Moze which was great fun for the main story until I started with mayhem. In mayhem 3 its pure kiting and very luck dependend. Im not interested in spamming grenades instead of shooting.

Her action skill is a joke when playing on m3. Where Amara can melt easily a full hardened enemy Mozes action skill is just a mere distraction. You can shoot a full loaded Iron Bear for the whole skill duration (if you manage to survive longer than 3 seconds) and you leave just a scratch. Afterwards getting out of Iron Bear means dying because the enemies cover you fully in grenade / rocket launcher spam.

This now results in players like me not using the action skill at all anymore because its really really useless.

Cant say anything for Zane since I have him levelled only till 16 yet.

There’s no need for that condescending tone “honey”, I misread this as another complaint post from a Moze player who could literally close their eyes and win… Because balance.


I don’t really understand what point you are making…

No other class has the survivality of Moze pre nerf. Not even close. I play all 4 classes.

Damage wise, she is about there with others, especially after hex nerf, but her toughness is what I like a out her. Now this was taken away.

If content was harder sure moze would of won out, the Amara I played with regularly had no issue with slaughter shaft m3 offline or on (online is a walk in the park) and hardly ever went down much less died while maintaining a higher clear speed than me pre hex nerf.

Out of the people I know who were playing moze most have changed to their Amara alts and the others are walking around as moze functionally immortal three shotting haunt on m3 (he’s lucky he has immune phase’s) using in game means, just to get the event over before they level theirs.

Its all good :v:

Im complaining that their hot fixes aren’t fixing anything. Just feels like a punishment. For example. Because of Fl4ks ability, he was able to spam Queens/Kings Call and made it OP. Now instead of fixing it on his end, they made the weapon worse for everybody. Thats not fixing, thats lazy ‘lets-slap-a-bandaid’ fixing. I don’t want to argue about it. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.


Don’t suppose you’d share these builds please?


Honestly, I never felt like those youtube builds were good. Everyone one of them has something that doesnt fit my playstyle. Like I always say if something doesnt work, try something else. (Sorry love the game too much)

I’m same. I have my own build that does really well but doesn’t do 125k per tick. That’s insane.

Elemental projector? My best guess

How do they fix it on his end without killing a lot of his abilities?

Normally I would have no problems with sharing a build set up.
Now a days there’s NO way I’m plastering it on the fourms, so the nerf police and cry babies can throw temper tantrums and scream for nerfs.
Because the interaction between my gear and my skill set up is probably not intended to work the way it actually works. Just like Moze with the hex grenades.
I haven’t seen it on YouTube yet soooo I’m keeping close to the chest for now. Sorry guy…


Oh and the phasecast build is plastered all over YouTube right now.
To make it really effective your going to need a god rolled weapon that has 250% or 300% damage after phasecast is used. I use a queens call and a rowands call with 250% damage after phasecast.
You don’t absolutely need these weapons but it’s not that effective without them.
The build is really only good for raid bosses, other than that I don’t ever use it. I just respec when I’m done boss farming.

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The problem with nerf is that , often offense is the best defence. The defence you can build up in this game pretty blows.

FL4K critz build is a burst build. It required FL4K to make sure he can down a tough foe or 2 during the fade away window. I put massive points into regen skills, its good in normal playthough but blows in M3.

WIth all the nerf, they should consider buffing toughness. That would allow far more fun builds.

I’m just wondering when they’re going to give Zane the flat damage buffs he needs to not suck.