Now I Know Why Mordecai is Considered Best for Crawmerax

I just went in there and turned on record with a wimpy little Tediore EQ…

So even with a Tediore all I have to do is look at Craw and limbs fall off.

Sniper’s still my preference for general play but… this is sick! =D


That was definitely a much more aggressive kill than how I do. I run around the map like a wuss. ._.


Nicely done! That’s why fighting with Mord (with mashers) is great…you can kill him so quickly you hardly need to worry about dying! Not as foolproof as Lilith, but much more fun.

Ever found a masher Anaconda? That’ll cut your time in half…

What about a level 68 Jakobs body 5, barrel 5, mag 5, mat 3 masher?

I have an Anaconda Masher on my middle-tree Rogue (Hunter/Scavenger/Survivor).
He gets by on the raw unbuffed awesome of the Anaconda.

Those are best for mobbing, but IMO they fire slow enough that an Anaconda is better for Craw. Less recoil too, and almost as much damage. IIRC, a purple AX Jakobs will have a 1.3 fire rate and an Unforgiven tops out at 1.0…whereas a Mat1 or 2 Anaconda will be Swift and have a 2.1 fire rate with ~85-90% of the damage.

That’s pretty solid!

Amazingly fitting laugh too. Well done.

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OP have you seen this guy on YT who’s gotten a 6 second craw kill with a sniper?

he’s also done craw in 6 seconds with revolvers too. Mordecai’s spike damage is crazy!

I’ve seen something like that.
This topic was about a result from not even trying, which is a completely different point. =P

Oh lol, my bad. Obviously the guy who got that record was competing with others in a crawmerax speed kill thread for hunters back in the old forums.

Edit: I only brought it up since you stated in the OP “I still favor snipers for general play…”. Just wanted to make you aware had you not to been.

Nicely done CajNatalie, I think I managed to kill him sub-30 a few times as Mordecai, but my gear was far better than what you had for that fight. What’s really fun is seeing just much damage you crit knoxx for.

How did you…how did you DO that? I tried fighting Craw and I just got mad and rage quit. I play Mordy, I have a freakin’ 390-damage jakobs masher, and I can’t freakin’ do it.

My first solo of craw was with Lilith while on my laptop, while taking the metro home…


Eventually I figured out all the pieces I needed for her. But yeah I’m very much just doing hit & run strikes.