Now I understand why players quit PVP matches

Playing Bots Battle all week and have to say I really, really don’t like staying in a match when it’s not the map I need. Especially since we don’t have much time left with Bots Battle or know if or when it will return.

I haven’t quit yet, but I’m not sure that sometime before Thursday, I will. May have to chance getting “reported.”

I don’t have the solution, just saying I understand the problem from both points of view.

“When it’s not the map you need?”

Are you referring to quick match? I’m a bit confused

I’m working on Kleese’s lore in Bots Battle and only certain maps count.

Have you tried to ask your party? I would 100% help with the map anyone want to play and the character they need, like all eldric or alk upr


But if others vote for the map you don’t need - just pick another character that still needs to do something for its lore and everything should be fine. Actually, I’ve never played with someone who quit a pvp match just because it’s a wrong map for their lore. I think more people tend to quit PvE missions if they end up playing a mission they don’t want, but not in PvP.


Got to agree with @dantesolar on this - asking is a good thing! I ended up playing a few matches as Toby, a character I really haven’t spent much time with, because someone needed him on the team for an Earnest lore challenge. Worked out OK too! I’m also trying to get Kleese done, since I only need the maps to complete his lore. Unfortunately, I can’t for the life of me remember which ones I’ve done already. (It’s the Capture, Incursion, and Meltdown maps that contribute, correct? I’m at a total of 11 so far according to my Kleese stats page, and that includes all the story ones already.)

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Should be recieving a change Thursday so I wouldn’t stress too much

Not exactly stressing about it - I completed all the other Kleese lore challenges months ago. I just don’t enjoy PvP as much as PvE, so bot battle is the perfect solution for me right now.

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No, haven’t tried that. I have noticed that most people don’t talk during this game.

I guess I’ll just have to decide whether the lore is worth it or chance getting “reported.”

All my characters are pretty much maxed out so I don’t really have a lot of choice.

The question of needing specific maps and nothing else is unique to Bots Battle because that’s where the PVE players want to go to complete lore.

I did everything but that lore to master him in less than a month after release. Still waiting for a change so I don’t have to chase them down :disappointed_relieved:

Just ask.

Can we bote for x map? I need it for kleese lore. I wont answear but ill act as you request.

I have no reason to dont do it, even if is a map or char i dont like. Bots are stupid enough to make a normal match of 30min last 7-10min


I’ve got three accounts and pretty much everybody is 15 and waiting on PVP lore. That’s why I love Bots Battle so far.

Looking forward to Thursday so see what’s going to happen.

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yeah, I agree that if you throw a request out there people will follow you, since bots is significantly less intense

But also, your title is pretty misleading as most players quitting PVP is because they rage quit or something similar, not for a specific character lore

With all the discussion about penalizing players for quitting in PVP, I just wanted to say I understand why some people don’t want to waste their time.

Well there are many reasons…
Some quite if you dont do exactly what they want.
Someone else get their char.
If the enemy is in a premade.
If they die a lot.
If you die a lot.
If you dont heal them.

There are many reasons, lore wise used to be one.

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Oh well, I’m sure I can survive without mastering every character. I’d rather just enjoy playing and not get stressed about it.

You don’t understand them fully yet. There isn’t just a single reason why players decide to leave/quit/surrender. There are various valid reasons( just as many as why players decide to stay/refuse to surrender).

Ask either on the Discord server or in the matchmaking section here for people to group up with you and choose the maps you need. Problem solved.


It’s capture meltdown and incursion but NOT the latest three maps so no monuments or outskirts(can’t remember the third capture map)

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