Now I'm stuck on the double Doc Mercy bit of OP6 Digipeak

They basically destroy my turet straight away! No other enemy does this wtf.

Maybe I should try sticking it up high somewhere where they can’t smash it with their shields?

I recommend using the bee shield with the sandhawks to. Or grab the bee in general!

up high and on the other side of Doc (so Doc is between you and your turret). This will make Doc turn toward the turret and have his shield facing away from you, allowing you open shots at him.


Yeah I’ll have to try this next time.

Digistruct Peak is very much like an oldschool videogame where you can’t save the game ever. And you only get 1 life basically also.

By my calculations it could take more than an hour if I were ever to beat OP6.

It can be frustrating until you learn all the ins and outs at the Peak. Take a Friendly Siren in with you if you can. A siren is (in my opinion) a goddess in the Peak and can consistently rez you.

I do it at OP 10 and TWO Slag Turrets REALLY help that fight. One up high and one 20 Feet in front of the blockhouse where you first jump in. Let them come to you but try to whittle them down some with a Swordsplosion at Range…another great gun for the Peak is the new Peak Opener…that is also good to whittle them down a bit. And the FFYL time with the new Hard Carry Relic can be a total lifesaver in that fight. Two minutes of FFYL time TWO MINUTES!!

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Yeah I’ve considered recruiting help for Peak a few times. Just I wanted to do it solo really, just wish I could save halfway through.

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I would say there is only about 25 million Borderlands 2 fans that feel exactly the same way you do.

And I am one of them.

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Definitely put it up higher. In my experience Maglock is a super valuable skill for the peak. I put my turret on walls there 90% of the time. I can’t remember the Mercy spawn on OP6 but usually I would put my turret half way up the wall behind them (the wall where the door to the next section will open). I don’t think I’ve had Mercy’s kill them up there.

As far as having a reliable way to kill them. If you want to use the bee that works well, Axton is one of the best characters for using the bee against bosses and minibosses in the Peak. The first time I took Axton to OP8, I was mostly using a bee and a hornet. There was nothing special about the combo, but I’m a lazy farmer. Those two are easy to update and got the job done for me (along with a corrosive Hail for Dukino’s Mom). For a little more of a high cost option you could try spamming stormfronts, fastballs, or tediore reloads with a grenadier class mod. If you get Mercy to turn around and expose his head, hitting it with a high crit damage weapon like a Lyuda or Ladyfist would also kill him pretty fast. And peak opener is a new and powerful weapon in the peak. Axton has a lot of offensive options

As far as having a reliable way to stay alive. It shouldn’t be too bad with your turrets. If your action skills goes on cooldown you can retreat back behind the cement block of cover to the left of where you drop down. Legendary Solider and bone of the ancients are amazing for the cooldown here. Your turrets should back by the time Mercy gets in a position to shoot you. His transfusion grenades can be really annoying though. If necessary you can use a grog + chain lightning or fastball to get out of health gate.


Thanks for your post, looks like I might have to go farming for bee then ah well

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I just finished unlocking OP9 with Axton and happened to use the Peak Opener on the two Docs. That went rather quickly.

And just to echo the others : always put the turrets just above reach. That goes for Scorch, Duk’s Ma and Black Queens too.

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Tediore exists.

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I just did the exact same run. I think I put my turret too high as it caused the Doc’s to jump up on the high walkway(that’s an impressive jump). They jump back down pretty quick, I think because my other turret was on the ground in front of them. Didn’t matter really as the SWORDSPLOSION!!! and Peak Opener still made short work of them.

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I put them at “frustration height”. Just low enough to be in their face and keep their attention but high enough they can’t swat them. This is more relevant with the beasts.

I’ll definately keep this in mind for my next run. I have actually never seen them jump up on the walkway. Once up there, however, they almost immediately jumped down and went toward the 2nd turret on the ground. I almost went down due to this. I’m thinking now it may be better to plant both turrets behind them at “frustration height”. :smile:

Scorch and Black Queens I usually throw it down right in front of their face so they will easily get distracted and I can blast them behind with the LadyFist.

And guess what? They are unable to destroy it, and it lasts all the way to the end even with Sentry skill at 10 points.