NOW its AMBRAs turn Call for NERF!

You reduced the range of Kleese’s Taser, which is reliant on energy… NOW you should consider a nerf to AMBRA normal attack (that ghostbuster beam) reduce the range, or attack damage of it.

You can increase her heat gain, because lets be honest she gets heat so easy with or without her legendary. She should not have that much range, and damage, and a constant attack with no limits…


What they need to do is fix the beam+sprinting glitch once and for all. Then they need to shorten the range by a bit, maybe 20%, and increase the cooldown of sunspots


I can support this too! lol

They just need to fix the Beam + Sprinting glitch.

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But Ambra and Kleese have very similar kits… to reduce the one and not the other is odd. When they really want you to use the Staff and not the beam.

Maybe the sprint and beam is what I am confusing with range, but still…

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been killed by an Ambra that just mindlessly chases me with that beam locked on to me. Regardless of how much damage it does. Sometimes I’ve just had to stay still and accept my fate :disappointed:


Hey hey hey, Ambra gets to do that because she floats! R-R-Right guys? Please? Don’t make me lose my Capture queen


Only fair, Justice for KLEESE!!!

"Through the power of OCD and tucking every shirt on this planet in, Ambra gains the ability to Sprint while microwaving her enemies with her Ghostbuster beam"

This should explain it ^

But seriously Fixing her Beam Sprinting glitch should be good for now.


He… he kinda can stay latched to people for forever now. It’s pretty similar to Ambra’s atm. Except that his deals awesome damage while hers can be barely noticeable


Next time that happens, taunt her before you go down just to show her who’s boss. Lol


Didn’t they actually address the Ambra sprinting beam glitch in the past? I thought I remember seeing it somewhere. I don’t know if they “fixed” it or just acknowledged it.

I think they fixed it but it still happens.

It doesn’t seem any of you remember the Great Ambra War of 2016, back before the first major balance came out. Ambra’s staff reached like 50% further and did LOTS more damage and could 100-0 someone by just chasing them…


Yes, but that’s when I was playing Ambra a lot so when they changed her, I went to play different characters.

And again this post is in reference to Kleese’s range reduction. Since Kleese and Ambra have similar kits…

First of i would like to say ambra doesnt need a nerf just because kleese got nerfed this wasnt even a nerf then buff the range it last once locked on in exchange for reducing its lock on range.
Secondly kleese got a health buff of 88 percent where is ambra 88 percent health buff? going off your logic of there have simalr kits.
Next kleese does so much more damage than ambras and is ambra is her main form of attack where as kleese is his secondary.

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Did you not read the entire thread, before trying to state you points?

I said that it could be the sprinting and the beam and not the range.

Also Ambra does crazy damage with her Heat and secondary. Her secondary does way more damage than Kleese especially late game fire balls and that’s her secondary attack… most characters secondary hit harder but attack slower, and are situational.

Well imo kleese deals more dmg than ambra…

Ambra needs to risk to get close to deal some dmg Untill lvl 7. Cut LoS to break her beam, jum avobe her or turn around corners.

If she needs something is a Fix in her sprint beam power. Her beam dmg is so little ( and many dumb ambras only use her beam) almost any brawler, those who need to get close can out dmg her also big crit zone.

Who brawlers cant get close in any ■■■■■■■ way is kleese! A big área of dmg + taser + his massive shield and hp… Only deande lvl3 with life steal can survive only if kleese dosent have his shield max (you know life steal dosent work on shields).

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Yeah i read it it said you MAYBE be confusing still doesnt change the fact your calling for a nerf based purely on the fact that kleese got nerfed and there a similar kits.
Kleese secondary does way much damage than his primany and ambras secondary.
My point being you shouldnt nerf ambra because kleese got a kinda of but not really nerf. especially since looking at there kits kleese is so much better than ambras more starting health and shields more damage and range.
Should the sprinting and attackk glitch be fixed yeah i didnt even know it was still a thing probably because no one plays ambra.


I think Ambra is fine. One of the most Balanced characters to me. Kleese on the other hand can go to the great retirement home in the sky for all I care.