NOW its AMBRAs turn Call for NERF!

(PSN ID Apophis_SunEater) #21

Kleese can deal more DPS then ambra can. I’ve often seen kleese with the most damage dealt in the match.

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #22

I’ve not read anything, just saw some people comparing the damage of Kleese to Ambra? I don’t think you can’t justify Ambra because Kleese deals more damage, if anyone was even justifying is. Derp.

Anyways… I just think Ambra overperforms. She is really tanky actually, not because of her health but the sunsports and the shield. At the same time, she can keep her allies alive. And at that same time she can deal quite the ammount of damage. With both her melee, but also a beam that reaches very far and is auto-aim.
Ambra is just too much on one character to be honest.
Like how Alani used to be too much on one character but then just in a ridiculously OP way. While I think Ambra just slightly overperforms.

Honestly, when they nerfed her after the Beta, Ambra was AWESOME! I mastered her after she got nerfed and had so much fun playing her but now she has been buffed I only feel bad playing because nobody can kill me honestly.

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #23

I havent played Ambra in a long time either, mainly because I enjoy flying in Kleese’s chair. I think it may be time to ghostbuster some ppl this coming weekend!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #24

I still use it more than my secondary. Often all my sunspots are out and if I ducked my head out I’d be attacked, so latching from.behind cover would be best

No one is good enough

So you think your character got nerfed. And now you’re calling for a similar nerf. On a completely different character. Ambra is basically fine. Just a slight change to cooldown and a slight damage nerf to RoR and she’s fine.

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #25

Yup, as you said Basically Fine.

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #26

Calls for Ambra nerf, plays Kleese. :I

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #27

Right!?!?!?! :baby_bottle:

(Pbfdanglez420) #28

Kind of tanky… lol

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #29

YES!!! Called it!

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it’s good that they nerfed both auto locking beam-to-wins of kleese and ambra

(Jabrielthomas) #31

Ask and you shall recieve