Now it's rather unfair to rank100 players

I’ve managed to reach maximum rank several days earlier, now I find I have a very little motivation to play it, because no matter how much commander xp you get it’s meanless. And now it’s double xp…So here’s the thought, how about converting the commander xp into credits for rank100 players, or making some convert rate. That will make the game much more attractive after they got max rank.


I would be on board for this. More legendary/faction packs!

I wouldn’t be against it, BUT, what happened to playing a game because you enjoyed playing it?

When did rewarding become mandatory?


Uhm, what?! The Game is not out for long at all. If u freak-gaming like this, why u should get any Reward for this? U did this for yourself. Gearbox never said something like: “Reach Level 100 as fast as you can! Tons of Prices awaits you!” The Game is New 'n Freshy. Chill down, folks.


Call of duty

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Call of duty has over 1800 levels because of prestiges/max level, and I definitely wish they would implement many more levels.

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I’m at 70 now once I hit 100 I’m going after all those elusive titles.

Angel of Death and Medicinal Use Only I’m looking at you two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s an inevitable thing, in due time a lot more folks will reach 100, and maxing characters becomes an inevitability as well. Having some benefit beyond max ranks isn’t a bad thing, and lets folks get something out of any future exp events. Typically those events are to encourage more play during that time frame. Doesn’t do anyone with max rank any favors, and yeah they still will have characters to master, but it’s only half the benefit. Besides that, I find ranking up and unlocking things very fun and enjoyable, so why not more love there? If I’ve shown I love this game and enjoy playing it enough to get to Rank 100, why not gimme some more spending money to have fun with? Papa still needs better shoes.


Oh definitely! Wasn’t saying cod had a bad system just that that’s the game that created all other games in reference to constant rewards over just having fun ie prestige gives a perm unlock then you have to re unlock all others again. Solely stated in response to dreadspectre

Didn’t see the first response, my bad thought you were saying how call of duty doesn’t provide those extra rewards and levels, my bad

What will you think if you spend 10h a day playing and don’t get any reward at all? Just like the stupid Divison(lucky they’re gonna change it). I’ve played the whole week story mode, but didn’t get any piece of lengdary gear. I used to get at least one per day. You still can say that? Man i freaking love this game and just want to stay longer in it.

Its all good! On that note though I would love to have the prestige system mentioned for command rank and character rank with new command rank titles and character skins and taunts like every five character prestige get a new taunt and new skin on every three ie prestige 3 skin, 5 taunt, 8 skin 10 taunt, etc

Keeps giving rewards to players yet not so many that they overwhelm

Level 100 is not the only thing u can do in Battleborn. There are so many Character Lore’s. There are so many Titles to get. Beating Story on HC Mode is also a challenge. Keep Calm. Battleborn is not an Activision - Game.


Yeah I totally agree with that.

Stay frosty. I addressed Character mastering in my previous post, but saying “Hey just do this then” isn’t as good a response. Sure, there’s 25 character you COULD master, if you enjoyed playing all of them. Sensibly speaking, not everyone does, and just saying “Oh, you did all your fun ones? Well go do the other ones then, even if you don’t like them.” That’s certainly not going to make people want to play them. And telling folks that they should get left out of any benefit from exp events or anything similar in the future just because they have specific interests in the game is only going to make them not feel cool. Sure, branching out and trying new ■■■■ is cool, but so is going the extra mile with what you do enjoy and not feeling bad cause you already got there ahead of folks.


Its simple really. The event is making people who can’t take part in it feel left out. Double experience does nothing for Rank 100s because there is no leveling past 100. So this event does nothing for them, but other people are benefiting regardless.

The way to fix this would be to allow for more ‘level ups’ but each additional rank up rewards like 1-3 thousand credits.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. People might as well have a “make it your way” option.

It’s double character xp too.

I highly doubt every CR 100 player also has level 15 BB’s across the board. Take advantage of it and level some BB’s or something.

And be thankful that hopefully this gets more players playing the game period.

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I’m explaining to you why people feel this way.

Don’t tell me to be thankful when I clearly already shown my appreciation for the game in several posts prior to this one.

How about you be more open minded and understanding?

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Yeah, both of your points are valid.
Here is the talking about other forum users thing that makes a whole thread feel toxic when reading it. This forum is nice, but some stuff makes the rest look bad.

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