Now looking for Rustlers Orphan Maker with Moneyshot parts

I have a tone of really good items feel free to ask. If anyone has an extra ROM my gt is TooRippedtoTrip


Got one for you :ok_hand:
Also the interfacer :smile:

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Oh xbox one i’m sorry didn’t saw that
My bad

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Can you be around in a couple of hours time? Around 5.15ish (gmt)

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I am on now

It’s not the best prefix but you can take it if wish. Send invite pls

What is the best prefix for the ogre? Got a swift one and i’m really happy with it but often the fire rate prefix has it downsites

I think you mean Slippery. :wink:

Swift would be Vladof. I have a slippery Ogre and a Nasty that I’m willing to provide to whom ever needs it. :blush:

I’m on 360 and XB1, GT = Kurtdawg13
I’m on PDT around 4pm till evening if I can manage to keep the TV. lol

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Tried everything last night to get in each other’s game …but no it just wasn’t going to happen. So the op is still after after his ogre.
Will try again when get home but if no luck …its over too you😀

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cool, thanks. just in case I checked what the GT is for the OP.

“TooRippedtoTrip” lmao :rofl:

I’d say nasty(damage), but others say slippery(bullet speed).


I’ll be on in a few I think you need to add each other for part to work

Depends on the privacy settings on each end. There is also a weird intermittent connection error bug with XB1 Handsome Collection games where stale connection data causes the attempt to join a game to timeout.

If you’re getting persistent connection timeout errors, try switching to “Private local” (or whatever the exact term is - don’t remember) and then, once the game has updated your session, switch back. The other thing that sometimes works is joining a random public game, immediately quitting, then joining again (either by being in party or through invite).

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I just msg you via xbox live, xb1 specifically.

I am online now for about 6 more hours if you can do it today

Ogre and fibbers closed, looking for Rustlers Orphan Maker with the right part for moneyshot sal, anything for gaige also helps. I have a lot of stuff to trade for it.

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I can hook you up @ehendo8 :acmaffirmative:

You just have to catch me. lol I’m so busy lately and with my recent console defection, moving to PC. I don’t get on the xbone much. I have it on for the kiddos and movies for the fam now. But, as I said, if you can catch me I’ll help you out. I do go and check my msg’s since my defection to PC is rather recent. I don’t want to ignore new friends and old, for that matter. :wink:

and since i don’t really play on the xbone anymore, you can have them. :blush:

I got one but I am still looking for a perfect Omen, and a big boom blaster and then I am completely set

I have a big boom blaster but I don’t think I have a perfect Omen. :thinking:

What level?