Now looking for specific M10 gear, trade list included [Updated 05/25]

Hello VH !

:warning: MODDED WEAPONS FORBIDDEN :warning:
I will check your guns before sending mines, and send you back guns suspected to be modded without any trade.

here is what I’m looking for atm :

New M10 gear, with Phasecast250 or Gammaburst or SNTL
Phasezerker CM with no points in Conflux and Weapon dmg/Jakobs Accuracy/Jakobs Crit dmg

my trade list so far :

Roisen’s Thorns SNTL100
Linoge Fire x5 RakkAtt100
Craps 200ASA
Linoge Corro x3 <50/150Rad
Linoge Corro x3 <50/150Rad
Linoge Corro x3 AutoBear75Fire
Hornet GammaBurst
Hornet GammaBurst
Little Yeeti x2 SwapClone130
Moonfire Corro 50%CryoDmgASE
Linoge Fire x3 200ASA
Nemesis Corro GammaBurst
Nemesis Corro SNTL100
Nemesis Corro SNTL100
Nemesis Corro 300/90
Nemesis Corro 250Phasecast
Foursum Fire SNTL100
Foursum 100ASE
Infinity Rad 250Phasecast
Infinity <50/150Rad
Hellshock SwapClone130
Hellshock 200ASA
Maggie 200MeleeSLAM
Maggie CritRakk50
Maggie SwapClone130
Maggie 100ASE
Maggie 75RadSiren
Maggie RakkAtt100
Maggie RakkAtt100
Maggie RakkAtt100
Duc <50/150Rad
Duc 200ASA
Duc SNTL100
Duc GammaBurst
Wagon Wheel <50/150Rad
Wagon Wheel 200ASA
Wagon Wheel GammaBurst
Wagon Wheel CritRakk50
Wagon Wheel SNTL100
Wagon Wheel 75RadSiren
Grease Trap <50/150Rad
Grease Trap 200ASA
Grease Trap 200ASA
Devastator GammaBurst
Kaoson x2 200MeleeSLAM
NightHawkin 300/90
Jackhammer Cryo SNTL100
Crossroad Shock SNTL100
9Volt 250Phasecast
Cutsman Shock 500critElemental
Cutsman Shock 500critElemental
Cutsman Shock 300/90
Cutsman Shock 200ASA
Cutsman Shock ASE125SplashDmg
Cutsman Shock <50/150Rad
Cutsman Fire 100ASE
Cutsman Corro <50/150Rad
Cutsman Corro ConsecutiveHits
Cutsman Corro 100ASE
ZX41 Cryo SNTL100
ZX41 Rad 300/90
ZX41 Rad 300/90
ZX41 Cryo 300/90
ZX41 Fire 300/90
ZX41 Fire 100ASE
ZX41 Corro 100ASE
ZX41 ConsecutiveHits
ZX41 ConsecutiveHits
ZX41 200ASA
Westergun Corro/Fire SNTL100
Sleeping Giant GammaBurst
Assault Rifles
Lucian’s Call Corro ConsecutiveHits
Lucian’s Call Cryo 50%CryoDmgASE
NoPewPew 200ASA
NoPewPew x5 75ASABoss
LaserSploder Corro SNTL100
OPQ System 300/90
OPQ System ConsecutiveHits
Carrier 300/90
Ogre 300/90
Rebell Yell 250Phasecast
Gatlin Gun 250Phasecast
Rowan’s Call Shock 100ASE
Rowan’s Call Rad 200ASA
Alchemist 250Phasecast
Alchemist 75ASABoss
Star Helix ConsecutiveHits
Star Helix SNTL100
Mutant Barrier70Crit
Dictator x3 Corro 200ASA
Phebert Fire x2 50%ShockDmgASE
Heart Breaker Cryo 50%FireDmgASE
FacePuncher 500critElemental
Conference Call ConsecutiveHits
Conference Call SNTL100
Conference Call 200ASA
Tidal Wave x16 Barrier70Crit
KillOtheWisp 100ASE
Sledge’s Shotgun x8 Siren75RadASE
Tidal Wave x12 200ASA
Lob Fire 500critElemental
Lob Fire 500critElemental
Lob Fire 250Phasecast
Lob Fire ASE125SplashDmg
Lob Fire <50/150Rad
Lob Rad <50/150Rad
Lob Corro 500critElemental
Lob Corro ASE125SplashDmg
Lob Corro 75ASABoss
Lob Shock 100ASE
Lob Shock 125ASEBadassDmg
Lob Shock 300/90
Lob Cryo 200ASA
Hellwalker 250Phasecast
YellowCake 300/90
Backburner Fire 300/90
Backburner Corro 200ASA
Backburner Shock 200ASA
Sniper Rifles
Krakatoa 300/90
Krakatoa 300/90
Lyuda Corro x2 IBE20Crit
Ember’s Blaze Resistant Nova ChargeRackAttack
Nova Berner Delay Booster ASSTriggerFillBreakEffect
Nova Berner Resistant (fire) Roid ASSTriggerFillBreakEffect
Stop Gap Turtle Absorb CloneRegen3%
Stop Gap Turtle Recharge ASE20ASCD
Stop Gap Spike (cryo) Booster 13%ASE dmg reduction
Front Loader Adaptative Booster ASA250Shkdamg
Front Loader Recharge Booster 50%FireDmgASE
Front Loader Spike Health charge 50%FireDmgASE
Front Loader Adaptative Health SirenASE30DmgReturn
Re-Charger Adaptative Booster 15%SNTLmovespeed
Big Boom Blaster Nova (cryo) Adrenaline CloneRegen3%
Version O.m Capacity 15%SNTLmovespeed
Re-Charge Berner Booster 50%ShockDmgASE
Firewall Capacity Fortify charge ASA250Shkdamg
Firewall Capacity Vagabond ASSTriggerFillBreakEffect
Wattson Recharge Roid ASSTriggerFillBreakEffect
Rough Rider ASA250Shkdamg
Wattson Delay Turtle OSB100ShieldDmg
Wattson Trigger Happy Fortify charge OSB100ShieldDmg
Wattson Nova (kin) Power charge ASA250Shkdamg
Stop Gap Delay Booster SlidingRefillShield
Re Charger Recharge Fortify charge 13%ASE dmg reduction
Transformer 15%SNTLmovespeed
Transformer 15%SNTLmovespeed
Transformer 5%ASEmovespeed
Transformer CloneRegen3%
Transformer CloneRegen3%
Big Boom Blaster Roid Power charge ASA250Shkdamg
Big Boom Blaster Absorb AMP 50%RadDmgASE
Void Rift Nova (cryo) 13%ASE dmg reduction
Adrenaline Initiative CloneRegen3%
Brawler Ward 53 ROID x2 50%FireDmgASE
ONE SHOTTER SHIELD 53 Recharge on Barrier Deploy
Super Charged Shield (Recharge x3)
Ravenous Shield ( Absorb x3) 53
KillSwitch Shield (Power Charge x3) 53
Fish Slap Fire Roider Generator 150ASA
Fish Slap Link Generator 150ASA

Conference Call Fire SNTL100
Redistributor Cryo 100ASE

hey dude, im interested in those 2 guns.

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I’ve got Rowans call in radiation with Gamma burst if you still need, trade for Redistributor cryo w/ase 100%WD

Great ! I would like to trade them for your 57 Spiritual Driver (splash/weapon/shotgun dmg) and 57 Conductor (crit/weapon/hypcrit dmg) ^^

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Cool :+1:, I’ll send them over tomorrow, just logged out.

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I had to choose and it was hard cause you have many gears that I would love to try ^^

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Hey ! Sure tell me your psn so I’ll send you a fr ^^


Rowans call sent.Thanks

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Will send you the Redistributor asap ^^ thks !

Still looking for Krakatoa sntl? will exchange for lob fire sntl

No I already found it in the runs to Wotan yesterday ! Thanks anyway ! Remember me your psn, I’ll send you the Fire Lob :wink:

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Thanks a lot! it’s RHAAAALoovely

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I will update my list soon, Wotans runs were pretty good yesterday eve, so keep all an eye on !

faisor cryo 1%
Lyuda shock 1%

and if your hellshock has the EXPERT prefix i would like that one aswell.

Got carrier CH
Boom sickle KIN CH
Brainstormer X14 CH
Kinetic butcher CH

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Can you send me pictures of the carrier, sickle and butcher via psn messages, cause maybe your are and upgrade compared to mine.

I would like the insider for sure.

Okay 1 sec

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Hellshock is the Expert one yes ^^

Would like to trade for The Garcia gammaburst, the Clairvoyance cryo masher Gammaburst and an Hyperfocus Fire 100 ASE^^

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