Now stupid question about this forum

Now I know this is a place to show you know OC’s and the like. And now i have i question. Is there some one here who would like to role-play as the cannon characters? The reason why i ask is that i would like to try to see what it would be like for KoJack one of my two human OC’s to see what it is like with in the battleborn world. I want to see what the cannon characters react to what KoJack says/does. If there’s any one who likes this idea please send me a message on my profile and we will talk it out.

Pinging some of the RP-crew @Benedict_87 @HandsomeCam @nbrownlie237


Benny openend an Battleborn RP-topic and it kinda grew into an own universe full of astonishly well-planned fanfiction & RP-ing.

The story gets planned behind the scenes and woven piece by piece, so it´s more organized than usual RP-threads, but maybe there´s room fo KoJack on Nova :slight_smile:

Also you can open an own RP-topic and see how things go.

Here some RP-ish topics to browse, this first link goes to the big one @Benedict_87 and the others keep running.


Well… My AMA thread is fine if this KoJack guy wanrs to ask me some questions… Though general sillyness is okay too! Also, Benny’s thread is suppposed to be for Gearbox character, so you’d have to ask him…

Sorry i couldn’t be of more help…

That was basically what I wanted to say. It has grown into a rather personal project I guess. (Still have to catch up 260+ posts…)

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Breaking Character…

Mmmm… we already have original characters in the role play thread… that I’ve introduced…

Mr. Gabriel
Travis Marks

What the hell.
I’m cool with original characters.
Original characters or Gearbox characters.

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Huh… I’m surprised that none of those came to mind when i replied… I FORGOT ABOUT MY OWN WIFE!! Looks like i’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight…

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Shame, shame, shame… :bell:

How could you forget about Orendi?