Now that Kleese heals for 3 times less than he used, can he at least heal himself as well?

If not for the full amount, then at least by the half of it?

Nah that will make him unkillable.
Lvl 4 with rifts link means his shields almost cant go down.

Add passive HP regen at lvl 5 and he’s really unkillable.

Take note, miko needs a skill to heal herself, alani right click passive (also a “skill” ) and ambra has her sunspot to heal herself. (apart from miko and alani who are eldrid and have passive healing)

All the healers roughly need some sort of passive (innate buff) or skill to heal.

Giving kleese a helix based heal will really make him quite OP.

Need heals on kleese, get a health regen item.

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Nope, it won’t. No amount of regen, within sane amounts, will make you unkillable. Especially such predicatbly moving and easy to hit blob as Kleese.

None of your comparison’s matter, as after nerf, Kleese’s heal is abysmal at best.

Yeah, 15 health/sec would blow him out of proportion, really, that’s exactly the lack of small regen that is currently holding him back right now :smiley:

I could say that just aboyt any character in the game with regen-related helix.

You do realize that if you stand next to your rifts and no one on the enemy team has shieldpen you literally can not be killed… And watch as a mellee tries to come take out a rift your standing by and it dose 1200 damage in 2.5 seconds… I have tested this I enjoy playing Kleese as a sniper in paradise I set up rifts behind me sit on the ledge and laugh as a thorn Oscar mike and whiskey are all shooting at me standing still and they can’t get past my shields…god forbid if he had decent health regen even shield pen wouldn’t be able to stop him…

Lol. Good luck standing in one place against a team who can actually use it’s head and shoot down your rifts before shooting you :smiley:

Yeah and how often do you see players work as a team in this game that aren’t premade??? I do it all the time and it’s just funny

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You obviously have not played with a good kleese then. A team that doesn’t know how to even lock kleese’s rifts down won’t be able to kill him at all.

Add on the fact that if your team can lock him down, my own team can lock your team from killing me.
Kleese rifts do not just benefit him. It benefits the whole TEAM. No sane person on kleese team will want a sniper harassing him.

Everytime I mention “take out the sniper for me”, within the next few minutes or so, I dont have a sniper on my back anymore, even he is not dead he’ll get chased out of lane away from me.

The only time I suffer as kleese is when my team can’t even push/maintain mid lane.

And with health regen gears… I never ever went back (even with 100hp remaining after a team fight) to base or supply station to heal. There’s just not enough shield pen (people dun run that setup often) to even justify me going back.The only time it gets dangerous is when I get ulted 2 times by thorn and orendi simultaneously. One takes out all my rift and another kills me. Although this makes the 2 strongest ults in the game moot since they only kill me, the support (adding on the heal nerf of his chair, people don’t see him as a healer anymore). They lose rift support but the enemy already burnt 2 high damage ults.

I have around 300+ hours of playtime in battleborn. What are the odds of me not playing with a good Kleese?

Regardless, none of this matters, as little self-regen won’t change or affect any of these things in question at all.

Hours doesn’t mean anything.

How many players actually play kleese a lot?
I myself main him but don’t play him often unless I wanna have some trolling fun.

Other good kleese I know also don’t play him often due to very high team requirements. Especially the state of pub queues.

Hahaha… a little self regen won’t change things? Remove health regen on all eldrid. Tell me if it won’t change things.
Granted they have no shields but it’s because of that small small hp regen that actually gives them long term sustain.

I play thorn and don’t go back to the supply station as well.
Low on health, just play more defense and let my 7hp/s regen me back to 3/4 then go back front line WHILE still regen-ing hp passively. Every minute I get 420hp back. That’s just waiting for one ultimate cooldown. One ultimate cooldown and I get 1/4 to 1/5 of my HP.

I think you highly underestimate hp regen. Or play with teams that capitalise on low hp fools who still rush with 100hp left and 300 shields thinking their puny shields give them a lasting advantage.

Judging by the few above agreeing with me against the idea, I think its safe to say I’m not alone on thinking in such a way.

Lastly 300+ hours and giving a 2 sentence reply doesn’t constitute to a discussion showing your “300+” hours of expertise.

I would favour a more constructive response like giving situations where it would be balanced like how I use eldrid as an example.

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Why would he need a way to heal himself when he has almost double health now? The reduction on heal chair is a trade-off, he can’t sustain his team as well from level 5 but he can sustain himself better simply by existing after the latest update. If you want even more sustainability, use gear like the Leechsteal Brooch or Void Resonator, or just use his rifts to charge his shield. There’s no reason why Kleese would need and internal self-healing.

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Health regeneration as a helix on kleese? This will never happen. Not because it would be overpowered, but because it doesn’t fit his character at all. He’s part of the llc. They are all about technology. Would it be op for him to have the health regeneration of an eldrid? Probably not, but it doesn’t fit his character at all. They took out galts slug rounds because they said it didn’t fit their idea for a shotgun wielding badass, I’m paraphrasing a little. That alone tells me that the devs will never give an old techno loving fart the health regeneration of an eldrid.

Also I would like to state that any thorn that trys to shoot kleese while he’s surrounded by his rifts has no idea what they are doing. All you gotta do is throw a blight down on them and they disappear really quickly. The only problem with that I’ve had is it has the potential to put the thorn in a position to have the taser of doom clamped onto them.


True that. That is pretty much my counter as a thorn against other kleese who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

As for me, a counter to that blight problem as kleese is to spread out the field and don’t hug it like its a teddy bear. It being the rifts.

The rifts give kleese his tankiness, but his taser is god-like. Don’t be near your rifts at full shields unless being targeted at all times.
At most a thorn can remove is 2 of my rifts since I place most of them a distance apart. The rare chance I place them together is when we push so far ahead that if a thorn comes to harass my rifts, she’ll probably die from taser and 2 other characters aiming her. Then I’ll just respawn my rifts in 20-30s.

Doesn’t his legendary heal him now?

Kleese does not need anything else he’s now got double health and his taser still does insane damage and has absurd range.

I so rarely see a kleese do that it’s laughable. It seems like most of them group all three right next to each other, or on the rare occasion I see them try to use them offensively by putting them among the opposing team. I would think after the first few times they get immediately destroyed they would try a different tactic.
If I do see a smart kleese I make it my mission to destroy his rifts as soon as I see him put one down. If he can’t get all three down in one area it makes him much easier to deal with.

The amount healed is pathetic. 10 per one rift pulse, 2 per mortar, and it doesn’t work if the target’s shields are full. You’re better off with a white 400 shard HP regen gear.

Well Sir,

So I just started playing with kleese and…

He is a monster.

A group of random and myself ran through a bunch of premade for three hours this morning. The only match we lost is when a player dropped out.

I’m just learning the ins and outs of the character and he a a game changer.

If he got a passive automatic health Regen would be ridiculous.

He used to have 120 hp regen/sec before recent patch, and somehow teams with Kleese still lost. Little self-regen will break nothing.

That’s because he had almost half the health he has now. The problem then was the healing he provided to his allies, the problem now is straight up killing killing him.

And I don’t mean problem as in he’s broken or OP, rather finding ways around him can be problematic. He has over 1,400 base health and sits safely in his impenetrable rift network of solitude, he doesn’t need health regen because he’s protected and has his shields recharging all the time, even a little regen could indeed break a lot.

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I would argue that he was much easier to kill before gaining a 88â„… health buff. That character is one of the last ones in the game that should come with health regeneration. That would be all kinds of broken.