Now that Kleese heals for 3 times less than he used, can he at least heal himself as well?

(Hobo4Lyfe) #41

An important thing to remember, the devs repeatedly stated that it wasn’t a health increase for Kleese. They intended him to have this much health from day one, he just didn’t based on a bug. Or so they have said.

As for the OP, self-heal is the one support trick not in Kleese’s bag right now. Sure, heal chair bites a big one compared to what it used to do, but that still doesn’t mean he should have a whole new aspect added to his portfolio. There’s always gear slots.

(YourVillain) #42

Yea, I still think self heal would be broken. Kleese does very solid DPs, especially for a support character. On top of that his shield network combo can be ridiculous if you don’t have an AOE attack.

I will honestly be surprised if they don’t nerf him soon as much as I hope they don’t.

The “bug” explanation seems a bit suspicious though…

(Ambra's Arbiter) #43

Just so ya know, as long as the lines are connecting it’s powered up. You only need to replace them if you haven’t bought the upgrade for rift networks before placing. No need to place seven. It’s the same either way, but this saves you time on cooldown.

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #44

so the first one is doubled in power as well? hmmm good to know, it’s always seemed like it counts when you put it down, thank you for correcting me!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #45

Yeah, it just senses another one and doubles. Or triples or quadruples.

(Might 94) #46

Master of kleese here.

Tanked 12k dmg (highest 25k but no picture)

I didn’t even do the trick the other guy said. Don’t know if it works. I should try it soon.

But I only placed down 4 rifts in a secret spot in incursion overgrowth.
The 2nd sentry shot the ■■■■ out of me. Both with top mounted lasers and the giant laser of health murdering doom. Still didn’t die.
Oh and was getting shot by Oscar and miko (the latter I promptly killed with my taser later). That makes 3 character shooting me at once and no damage sustained.
I only died when thorn placed down a lucky blight which knocked off all my rifts (the rifts were in a secret spot. Not easy to access) from the front.

So yes. You can survive sentry very easily late game with proper helix.

No grave digging there. Only died when someone manages to break my little trickery. But even so i would have backed off and killed the bugger instead of letting the sentry hammer me to death.

(Skandranon) #47

From testing I’ve done (not extensive) and testing I’ve seen elsewhere (more extensive) I don’t think this is true.

Each rift stays at exactly the same power it is right when you put it down. To get all 4 rifts at 4x output you have to put down 7.

Not only that, every rift has to be connected to every other rift - it doesn’t work in a line.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #48

I feel likethat’s kinda backwards and counterintuitive, but, with the whole Sunspot thing with Ambra idk. I do know the last part though. I’ll go test it soon. It should be doing more than 320 per shot if I’m right.

(Ka-Klaw) #49

Kleese’s rifts can be poked down or reduced. Kleese when building a rift network has to choose 1-2 at moments of the following qualities of the rift

Safety of the rifts.
Area that the network will cover
Formation of the network.
Rift output