Now that some people have to refarm class mods

would you consider doing something about class mod farming?
like increasing the drop rates in trials over the whole trial and not just the end boss?
class mod farming is the most painful thing right now because the dedicated source is not worth it and you have to randomly boss farm them

it would be a great opportunity to make trials viable and give people a chance to refarm their class mods

They need to still clean up the loot pools so everytbing doesnt drop every legendary in the world besides its dedicated

So they need gauranteed dedicated drops. Now with this rng and arent we supposed to get more loot and not less than Non mayhem?

I feel this is still a thing.

I think the mini-event we ran before was good for me personally.
I’m sure many of you farmed COMs and Relics at that event.

yea and you could recreate this kind of event just inside of the trials if you wanted
they are just there for com farming so why are the drops so bad?

Does anyone really have to? How much difference does 3 levels make on a class mod? A couple percent?

there are also new stats on coms that increase action skill damage
someone might wanna use it for building
iron bear for example


That’s fair. Do we know if the new AS damage bonus on mods applies to IB properly yet?

i dont know
i guess so

The week they made proving grounds always drop their mods felt like the most rewarding that content ever was. If they just made that permanent it would improve the game immensely in my opinion. Then we’d just have to think of M4 and DLC1 and 2 mods.

yea but that was also only the final boss
so it was still like 10 minutes to fight trough just for a single chance to get a good roll
the whole trial could have an increased chance to drop COMs since it’s just there for nothing else

Part of the problem is just how overabundant the world drops are. Having to play through a short Proving Ground with an easyish boss several times before you drop a coveted COM doesn’t seem too bad to me per se. It’s not as risky and time-intensive as a Takedown, but not as mind-numbingly easy as farming a Traunt or a Gigamind.

But you get so accustomed to tripping over a carpet of world drop legendaries everywhere else in the game, that when an Arbalest of Discipline occasionally dares to not drop anything orange, it feels like a scandal.

Imagine how great weekend drop events would be.

I love it when I’m farming for a Kaoson from the Captain, and he drops more recursions than his brother, the dedicated dropper. Of course old Cappy still aint dropping the Kaoson, so…

Yeah, this stuff is still borked. But I would not expect any significant improvements until DLC 4. Really there’s not much use in significant farming until the DLC 4 and whatever level cap increase and OP weapons it brings. That should put us at about the 1-year mark, when Bloody Harvest returns.

Then they can balance drops and weapons based on effectiveness and fun. Much of which will be obliterated.