Now that TPS is coming to current gen, are you happy or angry?

With the recently released news of the current gen bundle including both BL2 and TPS along with ALL the DLC for both games for $60, are you excited, angry (for paying $60 for TPS and another $30 for the Season Pass), or just bewildered.

With the release coming on March 24th, it’s close and a few Claptrap in the Box editions will be released for $400 (YIKES), are you going to be getting it, or not?

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Why would you be upset that a game months after release can be had cheaper, that is always the case.

$200+ worth of content for the cost of the original vanilla game…


I’m happy for console owners that moved on from xbox 360 and PS3, they’ll be able to play TPS finally and that’s a good thing because the more players, the more likely we may get extra stuff down the road. They still won’t be able to visually experience the highest quality the game can give due to console graphics restrictions but it’ll probably run pretty damn smooth compared to the versions released on 360/ps3 if they can maintain 30+ fps with lots of action going on.

If I ever decide to get a new console it will be nice to keep playing, but no BL1 kind of sucks.

Completely indifferent. I’m saving up for a PC, so this current gen pack means nothing to me.

I don’t care. I already got my $60 worth out of TPS and have no interest in double dipping on it.

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Indifferent; I will be playing on PC.

But if I owned an XB1 or PS4 and only played BL2 and TPS on consoles, I imagine I would be excited to see a polished version come out.

Also $60 for all of that is the deal of the year, so rebuying it if you already had in on previous console doesn’t seem so bad at that price.

I usually lag behind on games and consoles so I can get them cheaper. TPS is really the first game I bought on the day it came out and I haven’t regretted it. I guess it’s cool that when I do decide to get a PS4, I could still play Borderlands if I wanted to.

Over two years after release. Dude calm down, the price of games goes down after release. That is the way the world works.

I’m only angry that I can’t afford the remote controlled Claptrap. Other than that I could care less, not like they’re forcing me to buy it.

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If not for the fact I will soon be swapping to PC I would be a bit pissed, not alot, just a bit.

Then again I don’t own a ps4 or Xbone so I actually don’t care

Do the Xbox One and PS4 run at more than 30 fps ?

Edit: Question #2
If a BL1 save is required to get the Bullpup… and BL1 has NOT been released for PS4… if buy the new game for PS4 and move my save over, will I still be able to get the bullpup ?

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I don’t even want to think about it… =(

I suspect people will feel like they have the right to be upset no matter what happens.


Legitimate question because this gun is incredible. Does @Jeffybug2 know if this is happening?
And maybe a very possible incentive for an unconfirmed remastered edition of BL?

I play on PC, so I’m not sweating the “next gen” version (and I say that playing this on “old” PC hardware). Regarding the price, I don’t care… if I wanted to save a buck on the game, I would have waited the, what, two years or so for it to come down like this? If I wanted to save even more, I would wait even longer.

Want it for like $5? Wait another five to ten years and pick it up in some Steam humble bundle. You’ll likely be playing alone (not just solo, but the community won’t be nearly as thriving as it was in its heyday, and you will have missed out on the promotional events), but you’ll save even more money. The Loot Hunt alone was worth the “full” price to me; the Gear Up weekend and the little promos they’ve had in TPS so far are just gravy.


I feel like actions like this will drive more and more customers into waiting for games instead of buying new or pre ordering.

I myself do not plan to ever buy a game through preorder ever again. Look around the internet about that new Assassins Creed game, huge debacle.

I think we have every right to be angry that more players get to enjoy this great game on the platform of their choice and for a better price. It would be selfish not to.

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