Now thats beautiful Shotgun!

Been doing Slaughterdome to get one of these Hellwalkers people been talking about. Finally about 70 legendaries one drops and it’s a goodun!

I dont know much about anointed weapons and really dont care too that gimmick that doesnt concern me much, but I like the one that came with it. Works for the shotgun itself and I see lots of potential on my siren.

Love Jakobs and I love my shotguns. This is a probably my new favorite gun. Tested it out didnt wow me or anything but its got such a good feel and clean design. Dont even want to put a skin on it.

It’s getting nerfed in the upcoming patched, so make the most of it.


Yeah i heard that. Tried it out in Mayhem 3. It not really that great IMO dont see why stat wise it’s popular unless it good with a certain build. On Moze it’s just a fun gun.

with Amara we have 20% mag size increase ,so with a 40% mag size relic this shotgun fires 2 times and with 40% bullet absorption it becomes a death machine

Moze can make some good use of it too with her ammo regen/not use every so often skills, but still it’s not good enough to warrant nerfing.

Fun fact for this thing tho, i’m fairly certain it’s impossible to NOT get an anointed version of the gun.

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You can pair it with Moze’s “Some for the road” (5 seconds no ammo use after IB end) for some pewpew. Though I personally prefer that with Scourge.

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aww and here i felt special. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats a scourge?
Edit: Nvm i actually have two of em, not a fan of that launcher. it’s too slow, prefer ruby’s wrath.

What Salvador head said.

The one you have is actually the standard variant. It also has fixed parts, so at least you don’t have to farm for a “perfect” one :stuck_out_tongue:

Quickies put in some pretty disgusting work with Some for the Road as well… fire off about 15 of those bad boys on sticky mode and watch the death commence <3 lol

I delete these whenever I get them, prefer the shock Brainstormer by far.

I got it off of a badass during a TVHM’s sidequests on Mayhem 3. Same exact stats.

Sad it’s getting nerfed. Seeing it send a badass heavy flying 20 ft is hilarious. Plus it takes advantage of all of Moze’s fire damage skills.