Now the game opens with a commercial

Started up the game and get a commercial for the marketplace. This is a new high in low.

They have new Marketing peeps, imagine the Wednesday morning meetings. :wink:

Whatever, it’s really awful. Didn’t think it could get any worse.

What happened to that old launch commercial they had with Oscar Mike and Kleese explaining the different factions and introducing the heroes. I think it was like a 10 minute short but was funny and did a good job of hyping the game.


Oscar Mike & ISIC*


That’s It! Always thought it was a good intro to the crazy characters.


It’s ceetainly one of my favourite trailers out there.

Love the music during the showcases of the Jennerit and Eldrid.

@Jythri, @JoeKGBX - Which pockets do I need to fill for those two songs to get released/published? :heart:


Because Take 2 doesn’t think they have taken enough of your money.

Watch the latest Jimquisition to understand.

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Can you be more descriptive about how and what you’re seeing? What platform?


Can you please share a screenshot with what you’re seeing?

I’m unaware of any marketing strategy (even of those I dislike) that includes a commercial popping up when you launch our game.

Are you possibly talking about one of our news items, that we’ve always used to direct people to new ■■■■■■■, much of which has been on sale?


I didnt see any commercial. It’s an amazing game. So even if there was a commercial. What would that affect?

There most likely refering to the steam store page, which now has the Free Trial video and thats it, where as it used to have the bootcamp trailer.

No, I’m referring to the “news” that directs me to a “sale” where everything is more expensive than it was the day before.

You may clarify this in your OP and title, since as it currently stands the OP reads as the game starts with a commercial instead of a loadingscreen.

A current Sale that is advertised under News does´nt seem so wrong to me. I think “Sale” refers to the bundles that appeared recently (skin + taunt for various chars).


…that’s it?


Oh c’mon. Now you’re bellyaching just to bellyache. Those message have been there when you logged in since the very first battleplan came out last year.