Now THIS Is A Chest!

I couldn’t believe it when it opened! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Deep Veruc and a Cowboy Hammer Buster.


Totally awesome! I won’t ask how many chests you opened before you got that result, because it would probably be very depressing (either way!). Congrats on the great find. Where is that?

Thanks! It’s the hidden chest in the treasure room in Captain Scarlet’s DLC. To answer your inquiry as to how many chests…countless! Lol! I’ve never pulled two legs in one chest before. :dukecheese:

What the…

I can’t believe my luck today! Not even a half hour after opening the chest with two legs in it, I open this! First pearl I’ve ever had drop out of a chest. I need to go buy a lotto ticket! Lol!

Grats on the finds!

Of my thousands of hours of play, I only got 3 pearls in a chest, 1 as a worlddrop (a dumpster), and a handful of chest legendaries.

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Haha! So random, same thing happened to me last night and I was like, THIS NEVER HAPPENS! Obviously it does though, haha

Is that a Kerblaster there? And the pistol? Great find though!

I can’t remember the prefixes, but it’s a KerBoom and Shooterang, just prior to that screenshot the same chest gave a different legendary as well. I was farming the moonstone chest behind felicity rampant and it’s the one directly to the right of the moonstone chest.

Go figure, dropping 40 moonstone and the free chest next to it gives the better loot, haha.

These pics are awesome, and your luck is incredible.

But @xmngr once had a Chubby Midget Psycho jump on to the back of a Midget Goliath.

So these are only the second greatest things to happen in BL history.



THAT is hilarious! Wow! :thumbsup:

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When he showed that to me, I practically didn’t get on for a week. Knowing nothing would ever overcome that image.


I would love to know the actual statistics of that happening, that is SO amazing haha!

Now we have all the most amazing things in BL history in one thread! :wink: Haha.

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I’m going to have to make that screenshot my wallpaper! Haha! :smile:

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well, tubby midgets are rare enemies by itself… so yeah, quite rare xD

i’ve seen two, one in sawtooth (which dropped me a wanderlust (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ) and this one that dropped pure bs, but still left me that thingy xD