Now what do I do?

So, I just spent all day running around trying to complete all of the “Target of Opportunity” side missions. And FINALLY completed them after a few hours. I was eager to collect my reward, the infamous “Lyuda”. It was going to go great with my Fl4k build. I go into my social mail section and saw a few other weapons I had waiting for me, collected them and wanted to check out my Lyuda. I got too damn excited and tried checking it out while still on the social mail screen and DELETED IT!

Now what?!..

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Smack yourself. And then wish you could redo Challenges with a character (as I do, since I finished them before level 50). And then realize you could do them with another character if you wanted the reward bad enough.

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are you on xbox one? I have a radiation Lyuda just hanging out on my wall that I’ll probably never use

Uugghhh… Good thing its Saturday I guess. And good thing I have another lvl 50 sitting on the bench. Thanks for the advice (I think).

That would be awesome dude. I don’t want to accept something for nothing though.

no worries - i pretty much everything I want - unless you have a fire/shock butcher - pm me your xbox handle ?

But if you’re willing to part with it, I’ll put it to use…

Is it lvl 50?

yeah it’s level 50

Hell yeah man. Thanks. And I actually do have a shock Butcher I think. I’ll PM you my gamertag

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Good doing business my friend. I appreciate it.

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