Now would be the perfect time for the bonus loot event

With the new level cap, the event would make much more sense now. Farming for gear for the melee amara build is driving me crazy! Kinda sad they did the event before the level cap.


You don’t need updated gear, cause melee scales with level (it’s one of pros). Even lvl 60M10 Face Puncher/Stinger are still OP, if you don’t use punching.

Agreed. I never understood these events BEFORE level cap increases. This would make more sense.

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I’m sure you are right but… I was playing Zane back then and I didn’t farm even a single facepuncher xD

If not a loot event, just improve the drops already, I killed Demonskaggins 50+ times yesterday for the Night Hawkin on M10, that’s 100+ chances and not a single drop, not one :rage:

Assuming this is the final level cap, I agree. These events need to return. Or atleast make the dedicated drops function like that one past event.

Thats a good one.

And to get on topic, now is definitely the wrong moment for such an event. I want it 2 weeks before another lvl cap raise is announced, just before Christmas :grimacing: :money_mouth_face:

@HiLLy_53 and @Y-s-e-r-a ever thought about dropping it with the gun gun, same goes for facepuncher, red suit, hellwalker :wink:


Thanks for this , I never even think about the gun gun. Might be worth a shot as I have plenty of ammo for it , cheers

I forgot all about gun gun … lol

And if you ve got zane, shoot the gun gun with him and only with playing dirty active. Two fang does affect it also.
With zane I get per shot 2-4 legendaries, normal is most of the time 1, sometimes 2. And I spent over 100k eridium :joy:
And don’t pop more than ~150 legs out. Even legendaries start to disappear when there are too much. Pick them up and sell them.
And btw eridium is saved in your character save :wink:

You clearly don’t know a thing about Gearbox.

Here’s the schedule

  1. Release DLC with new powercreep weapons
  2. 4-6 weeks after the DLC releases nerf the two most powerful weapons
  3. After the DLC has been out 6 weeks release a new event with new powercreep weapons.
  4. After the event is over, nerf the two most powerful weapons
  5. The week after the Event is finished, that’s when you have your loot event.
  6. And the week after it’s finished you buff a bunch of older guns and nerf the newest ones, making all the guns you just farmed pretty useless and requiring you to refarm all of your guns again
  7. Prepare for the next DLC release with all new powercreep weapons and go back to step 1.
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