NPC won't leave doorway to my room on Sanctuary

Why is this even a thing? Other players can’t block me, but I’ve been sitting for almost five minutes waiting for this one NPC to move so I can access my bank.

Why are they physically blocking me?

Rhetorical questions. Hoping maybe one day we’ll get a patch to fix this dumb issue. Just make the NPC’s the same as other players so they can’t block me from moving around, or at least program them to move now and then.


I am legit ROFLcoptering.

Why they have collision is anyone’s guess.

This is definitely an annoyance. I’ve heard that moving away from them will get them to go away, but that doesn’t always work. If you get trapped in your room you can always just hit the fast travel to get out.

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Generally if you move away they leave, I’ve had to back all the way into the room then they follow me in and I can get around them.

Everyone knew that kid in college.

:laughing: I’ve had this happen to me so many times. I want to be able to just shoot them. The little pet guy also does this.

They also block me from ascending the stairs from Marcus’ shop to the bridge from time to time. Super annoying.

Ahh, Pippie. There was a whole thread about him awhile back. He can be a bastard as well.

Moxxi came to my Zane’s doorway last night. I thought she was looking for a good time but she just stood there talking to herself. I had to put myself in FFYL just so she would move.

Just die and they will move. If you can’t kill them, kill yourself!

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I thought they fixed that, I’ve walked through that pest numerous times while he was in the doorway.

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Can’t you fast travel to another part in Sanctuary? Or even a different planet…

Not as fun as making them move. (plus if its your door they stay there)

(And just to confirm, I don’t mean just die, I mean they run over to rez you and move)

or, you know… use your map and quicktravel? :sweat_smile:

That doesn’t get them moved from the door, you can’t quick travel back to your bank,…

works for me… they’ll just spawn somewhere else…

though why GB hasn’t fixed this crap is beyond all of us…

Going up the stairs gets blocked lots, irritating.

Of course, nothing is worse than the Holy Spirits bar in Borderlands 2. I have been held against the wall by up to 7 idiot bar patrons clumping up in the past.


Back up away from them and they will move. Or fast travel to sanctuary. My guess is they are programmed to interact with you when you are close. I have had to back up to get away from moxxie when she was in my room once. I tried to entice her with cheese, but she left. My heart was broken.

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when this happens i found that walking away from the npc will cause them to move again and out of your way. if your to close they will stop and look at you making it worse.

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