NPCs React To Your Character Like In The Pre-Sequel?

Basically, in TPS certain characters had different lines for you depending on which character you chose to play as. I hope this returned in BL3.


It hasn’t.

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unfortunately not :disappointed:

Well, that’s disappointing, considering TPS likely had a smaller budget (and was created by a different developer)

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Voicework is more about time investment and logistics than budget, I think. I see it skimped on all the time, sadly.

Not all parts of the game will have had a comparable budget. TPS was developed with help from the main Gearbox studio on mature technology. This gives more scope to something like additional writing and voice work (as a % out of the game’s entire budget).

BL3 has had to build a new game engine, new art assets across the board, etc. Not to mention voice work for all of the Vault Hunters (all the way through the DLC so far, too). It’d be cool to see them take this further, though.